Have you seen what appears in the transition between the lyrics of the 1960's Star Spangled Banner which stations used to close with before they were on 24 hours? Another MK program.

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This hunt started from a video found in a previous article here,


Where at the end I wonder if people Really believe their government and the "Powers that Be," are Really always looking at for their citizens interests. Do you think they are?

Take a look at this then I will break down a known program in which the Pentagon declassified this information about yet another known CIA project.

1960s National Anthem Subliminal Message Analysis

Try playing it at half speed when you got into settings, then speed at .5. Look closely between the transitions.

Here is more information concerning an MK Ultra program known as MKNaomi

According to Wired,

More than 30 years after it was written, the Pentagon has released a memorandum detailing its involvement in the CIA’s infamous Cold War mind-control experiments.

“Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-Control or Behavior-Modification Purposes,” was prepared in 1977 by the General Counsel of the Department of Defense and released on May 6 after a Freedom of Information Act request.

MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. Unclassified information about the MKNAOMI program and the related Special Operations Division is scarce. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKULTRA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents—specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials.

During the first twenty years of its establishment, the CIA engaged in various projects designed to increase U.S. biological and chemical warfare capabilities. Project MKNAOMI was initiated to provide the CIA with a covert support base to meet its top-secret operational requirements. The purpose was to establish a robust arsenal within the CIA's Technical Services Division (TSD) of various lethal and incapacitating materials. This would enable the TSD to serve as a highly maintained center for the circulation of biological and chemical materials.

Surveillance, testing, upgrading, and the evaluation of special materials and items were also provided by MKNAOMI so as to ensure that no defects and unwanted contingencies emerged during operational conditions.

  • For these purposes the U.S. Army's Special Operations Command (SOC) was assigned to assist the CIA in the development, testing, and maintenance procedures for the biological agents and delivery systems (1952).

  • Both the CIA and SOC also modified guns that fired special darts coated with biological agents and various poisonous pills.

  • The darts would incapacitate guard dogs, infiltrate the area that the dogs were guarding, and then awaken the dogs upon exiting the facility.

  • In addition, the SOC was designated to research the potentials for using biological agents against other animals and crops.

A 1967 CIA memo which was uncovered by the Church Committee

Church Commitee. .. (formally the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) was a U.S. Senate select committee in 1975 that investigated

  • abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  • National Security Agency (NSA)

*Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church (D-ID), the committee was part of a series of investigations into intelligence abuses in 1975, dubbed the "Year of Intelligence", including its House counterpart, the Pike Committee, and the presidential Rockefeller Commission. The committee's efforts led to the establishment of the permanent U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

was evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops that had been examined under field conditions. On November 25, 1969, President Richard Nixon abolished any military practice involving biological weapons and Project MKNAOMI was dissolved. On February 14, 1970, a presidential order was given to outlaw all stockpiles of bacteriological weapons and nonliving toxins. However, despite this presidential order, a CIA scientist was able to acquire an estimated 11 grams of deadly shellfish toxin from SOC personnel at Fort Detrick. The toxin was then stored in a CIA laboratory where it remained undetected for over five years.

So that 1967 CIA memo uncovered by the Church Committee

was evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops that had been examined under field conditions.

  • On November 25, 1969, President Richard Nixon abolished any military practice involving biological weapons and Project MKNAOMI was dissolved.

  • On February 14, 1970, a presidential order was given to outlaw all stockpiles of bacteriological weapons and nonliving toxins.

However, despite this presidential order, a CIA scientist was able to acquire an estimated 11 grams of deadly shellfish toxin from SOC personnel at Fort Detrick.

The toxin was then stored in a CIA laboratory where it remained undetected for over five years.

Also in Wired,

Initially funded by the Navy, the project set out to study the effects of brain concussion. Soon after, scientists noted that a blow to the head prompted amnesia, leading to the pursuit of a drug-based technique to “induce brain concussion … without physical trauma.” Shortly thereafter, the project was transferred entirely to the CIA, because it involved “human experiments … not easily justifiable on medical-therapeutic grounds.”

Other programs, described briefly focused on mind control. MK-NAOMI was after “severely incapacitating and lethal materials … [and] gadgetry for their dissemination,” and MK-CHICKWIT was designed to “identify new drug developments in Europe and Asia,” and then “obtain samples.”

Edgewood Laboratories, where many of the programs were carried out, is also identified as having tested an incapacitating chemical on prisoners and military personnel without the agency’s approval. The drug, EA#3167, was “appl[ied] to the skin” of subjects using an adhesive tape.

Another program, MK-OFTEN, started as a study on dopamine. But the scope was soon expanded to evaluate ibogaine, a hallucinogen, and then several more drugs, in hopes of creating “new pharmacologically active drugs affecting the central nervous system [to] modify men’s behavior.”

And the Navy is reported to have “obtain[ed] heroin and marijuana” in an effort to develop speech-inducing drugs for use on defectors and prisoners of war. The drugs were eventually tested on 14 people: six volunteer research assistants, and eight unwitting Soviet defectors.

Not surprisingly, the released report also doesn’t address darker questions that persist about the specifics of the CIA projects. In 2009, a group of vets sued the agency for illnesses and trauma caused by the “diabolical and secret [MK-ULTRA] testing program,” which they allege included experiments with nerve gas, psychochemicals, and brain implants.


For two decades or more during the Cold War, the CIA and the military allegedly plied the unwitting with acid, weed, and dozens of psychoactive drugs, in a series of zany (and sometimes dangerous) mind-control experiments. Now, the Vietnam Veterans of America are suing the agency and the Pentagon for perceived abuses suffered under the so-called "MK-ULTRA" and other projects.

Six veterans are suffering from all kinds of ailments tied to this
"diabolical and secret testing program," according to a statement from the vets' lawyers, passed on to SpyTalk's Jeff Stein.

The experiments allegedly included "the use of troops to test nerve gas, psychochemicals, and thousands of other toxic chemical or biological substances, and ... the insertion of septal implants in the brains of subjects in ... mind control experiments that went awry, leaving many civilian and military subjects with permanent disabilities." Subjects were tested without their consent, the veterans say. And when the trials were over, the government failed to "provide health care or compensation."

In a book published last year, former military psychiatrist James Ketchum describes an Army project – separate from the CIA's efforts – that took place at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. There, he saw test subjects "carry on conversations with various invisible people for as long as 2-3 days." Others "salute latrines" and attempt to "revive a gas mask" that they mistake for a woman.

The feds insist that MK-ULTRA ended, when it was exposed during
Congressional hearings.

But interest in chemical mind-control lives along, in some corners of the military-intelligence community.

In a 2003 memo, then-Justice Department lawyer John C. Yoo suggesting that interrogation drugs could be used if their effects were not permanent or profound. Since then, evidence has accumulated that some detainees may have been drugged. "It's coming back," retired Colonel John Alexander told Sharon.

Edgewood Arsenal

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A chemical weapons arsenal established in 1917 and located in the present day Edgewood area of the Aberdeen Proving Ground. The Edgewood area is about 13,000 acres on the west side of the Bush River that was used for the development and testing of chemical agent munitions. This area was originally a separate U.S. Army installation known as Edgewood Arsenal until October 1971 when it merged with Aberdeen Proving Ground and became the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen Proving Ground. From 1917 to the present, the Edgewood area conducted chemical research programs, manufactured chemical agents, and tested, stored, and disposed of toxic materials.

Also located on the arsenal grounds was Fort Hoyle and the BA-18 Nike Missile fire control and missile launch sites, all now deactivated.

Active military installation.

Current Status
Part of Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County, Maryland.

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Railroad tracks right there,

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In roads,

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U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center (CCDC Chemical Biological Center) activities span the life cycle of chemical and biological defense research and product development.

An organizational grandchild of the original Edgewood Arsenal, CCDC Chemical Biological Center has provided chemical and biological solutions to the warfighter for nearly a century.

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Learn about other Covert Operations, secret programs from groups like the CIA who work under the cloak of. . ."top secret," here


You should blow this up on your screen,

From Department of Defense Appropriations 1970


The development for the Aids Virus was funded in 1909 [ three years before the request for development by the World Health Organization] through funds obtained through the United States Defense Department.

The Defense Department requested and received (can't make out exact millions) 310 million via House 5137 15090 which was reviewed in hearings before the Subcommittee on Appropriations House of Representatives during the 91st Congress in review of the Defense Appropriations for 1970.

Part 5 of HB 15090 was Entitled RESEARCH Development Test and Evaluation Sponsored by the Department of the Army the Advanced Research Project Agency (now DARPA) and Defense Research Engineering.

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This from Red Ice

I received these documents from Richard Hamlin, they where release thru FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). It's a series of documents related to MkUltra and MkNaomi and more.

Some document are cropped badly and a few are bad copies, but these documents are provided "as is" for those interested in this subject.


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