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Mitoshi to the bleeding edge of the lottery by use on the office of reasonable contracts on a blockchain stage. By making utilization of reasonable contracts, we'll manufacture the more drawn out term of online lottery that is all inclusive available in an exceedingly fair, clear and secure air.


MITOSHI is that the up and coming age of web based betting and crypto-lotteries control driven by the blockchain. Centralization in universal lotteries nowadays intensely upset the extension of lotteries. Tax collection, moderate payouts, and laws is a torment the business.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto expects to disentangle this misuse reasonable contracts on a blockchain stage.

Mitoshi CryptoLotto can expedite a thoroughly clear and genuine lottery ability to the overall market. Players will be ready to savor a vast cluster of lottery diversions with almost moment payouts. they will have the capacity to savor a thoroughly clear stage that guarantees decency and joy in their betting.

How it Works

Mitoshi portable application

The Mitoshi portable application will be intended to get to the mitoshi stage. This application can hold all abilities to hitch each draw yet as explore through elective betting open doors given by the Mitoshi stage. the apparatus is frequently gotten to through every io and a mechanical man.

What are Mitoshi Tokens?

Mitoshi tokens are application coins that you basically will use to take an interest inside the mitoshi cryptolotto stage.

The group responsible for the undertaking trusts that cryptolotto could be a practical and a gainful activity gave the hearty development of the business and furthermore the interest for a decent, clear and secure stage for doing lotteries.

Mitoshi tokens don't speak to ownership of the corporate. what's more, won't be translated as securities.

what number Mitoshi tokens will be skimmed?

There will be one,000,000,000 [One Billion] mitoshi tokens to coast all through the token deal. the basis for the immense size of the buoy is that we will be having an overall pitching effort to attract crypto speculators and beano players from wherever the globe with spent significant time in Asia, North Americ, and Europe.

Why such a great deal tokens on the buoy?

The official group trusts that because of the worldwide appeal of lottery, we tend to anticipate that endorsers should come back from any placee over the world. this may even be upheld by the gathering's colossal moving effort.

Mitoshi Token Sale

Token picture : MTSH

Token deal start : twenty seven January 2019

Token deal complete : five August 2019

All out amount of tokens : 1,000,000,000

All out amount to be sold : 680,000,000 or sixty eight of absolute supply

All out non-open deal : US$20,000,000.00

All out pre deal : US$20,000,000.00

Token fundamental deal : US$60,000,000.00

Delicate top : US$10,000,000.00

Hard top : US$100,000,000.00

Acknowledged cryptographic forms of money : ETH, BTC and USD

Least buy limit : TBA


April to June 2018


Business case development

July to September 2018

Group development

Arrangement of offer

October 2018 to January 2019

Private deal

February 2019

Presale (30% Bonus)

Beginning of Games Development

Walk 2019

Presale (25% Bonus)

April 2019

Presale (20% Bonus)

May 2019

Presale (15% Bonus)

June 2019

Presale (10% Bonus)

July 2019

Presale (5% Bonus)

The dispatch of World Wide site

The dispatch of four Lottery draws in

August 2019

CrowdSale sum (No Bonus)

September 2019

Trade Listing

Portable App unharness of Games [Android]

The dispatch of three extra Lottery draws in


The team comprises people who understand business, branding, marketing, innovation, lotto and blockchain technology.

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