VAULT Staking New Version Officially Launched

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We have officially launched a new edition of Staking feature at VAULT!

In addition to functionality enhancements, our designers have devoted massive efforts in contributing to an easy, breezy and intriguing experience.

This is how the interface looks like:

The hexagon in the upper left corner will be the center of attention once users enter this page. This hexagon vividly states the current Staking level as well as the amount of Mithril token staked.

One of the “easter eggs” we’ve sneaked in is that the image in the middle of the hexagon changes with your staking level! The designer wishes that users will enjoy the element of surprise with each improved level. Share your staking image with other users!

Click the level up icon to see how many Mithril tokens or how many more days are required in order to improve your staking level, as presented below:

In the right half of the screen, your available balance is shown — which is the total amount of the Mithril tokens you have not yet staked. Users can select a certain ratio to stake instantly, or insert the number of Mithril tokens you would like to stake.

The orange Staking level map presents you with the curve of the growth of your Staking level over time. You can organize staking plan accordingly.

With staking, of course you can unstake too.

We have been incorporating a lot of feedbacks from users and making adjustments to tailor a VAULT that you’ll love.

Originally, the Mithril tokens you’ve staked will be released after 30 days. You will be able to re-stake them after that.

This update eliminates automatic release. In addition, the mandatory staking period is changed from 30 to 14 days. After 14 days, users can unstake at their will.

Please note that as mentioned, your staking level will improve upon achieving a certain staking period length. However, if you decided to unstake it before the period length is reached, the accumulated days will be diminished.

This is how the interface will look like on mobile-web:

Here you have it, the newly updated staking feature! Come and try it out yourself!

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