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Well I hope this subject likes and it is very related to the initiative of the network of home radio telescopes that project atom wants to foment of this will be spoken in a thread of our forum the investigations of radio signals coming from the space is a very pleasant subject and emotion Since the findings are often surprising but it is also very attractive to carry out investigations of terrestrial signals of this type in atom project we want to instill the investigative spirit of humanity regardless of language or belief do not believe anything of first impression ok any doubt or question We can respond to the forum I hope you like the article and others are interested in the subject greetings to all from project atom
Numerical Radio Stations are strange incoming radio signals of secret start that transmit what sounds like industrial or inhuman snorting. The words exploited in the referrals are usually of an effeminate principle, however it has been warned that the word of a boy or a man has also been squeezed in bargains. These words repeat various shows or lyrics and can be catered for in multiple languages, in addition you can still hear musical clips in broadcasts. The due object of the algorithmic radio stops remains a riddle and yet exist, governments do not recognize them. In the United Kingdom there is a straightforwardness that prohibits the radio amateurs to shoot by those channels because they are appreciated illegal. This only grows attachment in these mamarrachos seasons. In 1998 the English newspaper The Daily Telegraph published evidence from the spokesman of the UK Department of Trade and Industry on the esoteric terminals appeared, said the following: "math radio seasons is what people want it to be. People should not find transcendence to things that do not have them. Moreover, they are not for, say, public benefit.

These stations have been broadcasting almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for nearly a century. These broadcasts broadcast in a code that is virtually indecipherable, even by the most talented people or the most powerful computers, are not able to decrypt the messages. Emissions from these phantom signals have increased since the early 1990s, however, some of the transmissions have now ceased to emit, but many continue, and new ones are appearing in different parts of the world.
But how do they work?

Numerical radio stations use a bidirectional voice communication system using a highly secret form, which can then be received by standard shortwave radio equipment within the 3 to 30 MHz high frequency bands. They emit a succession of Numbers, tones, music, even using the international phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie ...).
The messages are mainly heard in English, German, Spanish and Slavic languages ​​forming four and five groups of digits. The numbers are preceded by a three-digit "identifier" and a "group count" period. During the "cold war", the CIA used this method as a preferred means of contact with its secret agents, but the system did not give the expected result.
The theories
The most popular theory is espionage. Some people believe that these stations are used to communicate with spies from different countries. According to experts in conspiracies, to decrypt these communications are necessary secret codes to which they were given the name of the "single-use notebook." But this theory is invalidated because the same five groups of digits are repeated again and again in the same transmission week after week, month by month, even years. Numbers are not an encryption system, but rather a code in and of itself, and it is simply transmitted to maintain an open frequency over a long period of time. Another important point to emphasize is that Spanish five-digit transmissions are very poorly modulated, resulting in numerous frequency changes. When this condition occurs, the numbers six and seven are almost indistinguishable, so it is impossible to copy a transmission without having numerous errors.

Experts in parapsychologists have reported that some people with extrasensory abilities, whether they are called mediums or contacted, have the mysterious ability to write "automatically" and unconsciously a series of numbers, which in some cases have come to coincide with the numbers issued In phantom transmissions.

Another of the theories, establishes that the numerations coincide with cartographic coordinates, that would indicate accesses to dimensional doors.

Whatever it is, the reality is that those mysterious broadcasts are repeated every day in a looping sequence. No one knows for sure what it is, although the latest information indicates that it is not espionage.

Who or who is going to want to emit a strange ghost signal, and with what intentions? Once again, theories are served ...

This website compiles the recordings of more than 20 years of these stations in the project we want to undertake an initiative of research of these stations in the forum we will talk about it
I invite you to visit my website
Here is a video of listening to a number station

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