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Curious people, open to new ideas and experiences, see the world physically and perceptively differently.

It turns out that a study conducted by Experimental Psychologist Anna Antinori of the University of Melbourne in Australia, along with her team, have found that people with an open mind score higher on tests performed, apparently, being open Increases the flexibility of visual information that opens the way to consciousness, according to Dr. Antinori herself.

The evidence supporting the discovery stemmed from a series of tests carried out on 132 students in which there was a "binocular rivalry" test in which a green image was seen with one eye and a red image with the other eye.

Usually, the brain can only perceive one image at a time, the students commented that they could focus on the red or the green separately, but some subjects commented that they could see the two fused images in a red and green mosaic , This phenomenon is known as "mixed perception".

It seems that those who had more open minds to new ideas were able to cope better and more flexibly to solving unconventional problems.

Apparently this explains why people with a high degree of open mind tend to be more creative and innovative.

So if you are of those who have the mind a little more open and less inflexible, congratulations, you play to advantage with respect to those who are not.



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