I made wonderful mistakes

in mistake •  2 months ago

The world is spinning, the sun comes out, the stars are shining, all that is supposed to happen on this planet is happening every day. The layout is functioning in a way. Do you find yourself talking to me in this world of catastrophic cat life? Let me lie to what I say so much.


Sometimes I find myself strong enough to shake the amazon, sometimes the little finger touches a weak enough to fall, which I can not tell the woman exactly. Who has understood women in this life that I can understand myself.

I lived very well, I made great mistakes, loved, I suffered love, I got depressed, I could not give weight, I dyed my hair, I was a sought-after act of weddings, I never gave up what I believe, I loved, I was wrong, I believed in the wrong people.

Sometimes I was wrong of them, even once I got drunk in a place where I would never be at the top of my career, I vomited until my guts came in my mouth, but I still got the job, I became a mother, I learned to cook because my son could eat even though I never liked the kitchen.


I set up my own business, I fucked up so good that I said I was finished, then I did what I did, wow, I thought I was what I was. I've always worked with my own brand, I'm working with a brand that I can not even imagine now, I have spent such a period of financially I can not collect again said I learned to create from nothing, so I did everything I wanted to do what I wanted.

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