Life is your Victory: Declaration of Greatness

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All change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle, and it's gorgeous at the end.

If it's not hard at first, it's not a real change. I wish people would teach us more about our emotional reasons why we are not productive, psychological reasons why we are not more optimistic. Society says “don’t feel the feelings,” so if you are angry, sad, procrastinating - don’t show your weakness. Just don’t do society, seriously. I quit a long time ago.


What are the 10 attributes of your ideal ambitious life? Be its successful career, relationship, physical look, soul-passion. So many people say, they want a great experience in a certain area of life, without even questioning themselves on that picture, thus, without knowing exactly what their life should be like - they’ll get the blurry image of what it’s not. I’ve been there, too.

1. Declaration of Greatness

What has helped me personally is writing down 10 simple principles, which describe my most magnificent life right now, in 5 years, in 10 years. Who do I want to become when I am X years old, what do I want to contribute to humanity at this point, and what my ideal relationship looks like, it can go to a life partner, social circle, family members, you get the idea. That said, I created my own Declaration of Greatness, stating the core values of every area in my life.

2. 90 seconds to find core goals

From the second we wake up until the very last second before we fall asleep, we ask ourselves subconscious questions. For instance, how do I make more money? How do I not procrastinate today, how do I make my life better, am I worthy of something and so on, self-talk is a killer when we’re not aware. What I did, I wrote answers to a set of 3 essential questions, and let my intuition flow on the paper, given 90 seconds for each topic, I defined:

What are the experiences I want to have? (Given the whole life, what do you want to experience? It can be anything from the dream house, cars, jets, people you want to meet, books to write, public speeches to give, travel, expand your horizons).

Who do I need to grow into? (Who do you have to become to live experiences above? What new skills do you need, what habits do you have to develop, what new ways of learning do you have to establish, what do you have to study, how do you have to train yourself to become your best-self?).

What do I want to contribute into the world? (How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to give back to the world, what do you want to teach or show others by your existence?).

This exercise can be applied to any area of life. More information on it you can find at Mindvalley University

The number one purpose of life is to grow, to become who we are destined and meant to be for the benefit of joy and the interest for the world to bring more light, more heroism, more creativity, more productivity, more love. This is our primary responsibility. Own your genius.

You can find the resources I used here:

The Code of Extraordinary Mind

The Greatness Guide: One of the World's Most Successful Coaches Shares His Secrets for Personal and Business Mastery

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Those three essential questions, and of course their answers, are the main thing. If one can think about it and deeply look for those answers, then everything will be as clear as water. All one need after that is patience and hard work. Good job. Thanks for sharing.