What is Happening on STEEMIT "Missing Active Authority" why ?steemCreated with Sketch.

I getting following error "Missing Active Authority" on steemit. Is it Bug or anyone experience similar errors ?. If yes how to FIX this. Much thankful if you suggest a solution.
Thanks !!


Check and be sure your useing the right password ! Good luck

Thanks for your prompt reply @karenmckersie I think I am using correct password.. Otherwise I can't post right ?

Double check and be sure your useing the "active key " and not the " posting key " to power up ! That should work! Good luck👍

thanks @karenmckersie ... as I mention before I use all the keys ... didn't work any, i attach picture for your reference !!

Did you solve your problem? the same thing is happening to me @tsxbox

I have same problem here

Have you gone to the welcome site yet !? If you click on the those 3 lines beside your face , then scroll down to "welcome" click on that and you will find a large list of helpfully links from various steemians that you can go to and just ask them once there for help ! Here's one link to maybe try https://steemit.com/steem/@timcliff/newbie-guide-how-to-buy-steem

I only get that when I key in the wrong password.

Really appreciated your quick reply @kevinwong .. my problem is .. I can post but I can't Power UP steem . I think I am using correct key... any other option ?

I see you've powered up 4 days ago and such, it should be the same key.

That is ture @kevinwong but yesterday my computer crashed .. I lost all login details .. luckly i was able to recover my private key ... but before that several times I enter wrong password on login, don't that make this error...

The only problem i can think right now if you're actually manually keying in your password on the keyboard is the capslock function being accidentally activated..

Missing active authory means you are using the posting key, you need active key to power up

True I am sure i am not using posting key @snowflake ... I am using private key , which is same process I have done before !!

I am experiencing the same problem with hive signer now.

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