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RE: MISS Peak—MISSES Character Reveal

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Howdy sir Glen! great job of the review and explanations and she does look like she's ready to do something great, I like the golden hue! lol. The artwork is done by a company that does comic book characters?


Hey, @janton.

Thank you. There's three now posted, and seven more to go. No. 4 goes up today as soon as I catch up with all the comments and mentions from yesterday. :)

re: something great

She definitely does have a brief chance to do good. She's going to be one of the tragic characters of MISSES, though, so her greatness will be short lived.

re: artwork

The company, Graphics Manufacture, does all kinds of illustrations, from children to fantasy/sci-fi. I'm not sure how they do it, exactly, but a lot of times, an artist will have different genres or styles that the can draw in, aside from whatever kind they might naturally gravitate to.

howdy again sir Glen! very interesting...and is that artwork expensive? Of course I have no idea what the going rate for that kind of art is.

re: expensive

I'm sure it can be. The idea is try to get what you want, which usually means limiting the scope. In my case I wanted front, back and side, but settled with just the front for now.

I ended up spending $125 for the first five to the first artist (I'm not posting in order, so the first five include this week's and the following four to come), and then paid $200.00 for the next five and different artist (the previous three, along with the two I haven't posted yet which will come at the end).

There was a big difference in turnaround with the second set of characters, though. This is all these guys do (no full-time jobs along with side jobs), so I had back all five characters in about two weeks, whereas it could take that long just to get one character back the first go around.

For me, that meant the jump in price was well worth it.

Howdy sir Glen! very interesting, I had no clue of costs, where are these artists at?

The first guy, the one I'm showcasing now, is from the United States somewhere. I want to say the Midwest, but I'm not positive on that without looking. The other group, Graphics Manufacture, is headquartered in France, but they also have artists in another country somewhere in Asia—the Philippines, Malaysia, something like that. I'm just going to look it up.

Okay. Can't find it, but they have another office in another part of the world which I guess means they're more or less able to work around the clock.

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