So miserable is the disgraceful age!

in #miserablelast year

The plans put the wolf to sleep,
He always defended the traitors,
Nice states he swallowed!

It is the age of technology, in which the history of humanity has experienced depressive days, despotic steps have been taken, and daring days have been experienced. It is the time period in which material developments accelerated and the atomic age lived the very majestic period. The cruel age that threatens humanity, is cruel, despotic, terrible and cruel, frightening all humanity!..

The age of the mother of wonders, when the neutron bomb, computers, pythons, spaceships, electronics left their mark on television technology! In the twenty-first century, the terrible age that has enslaved humanity, used it like a faithful slave and thrown it away when it was finished, thrown away and idolized! The age of a cruel, despotic understanding that knows no boundaries and borders in disbelief, ruthlessness and banditry, which is full of passion, struggling in cruelty, oppressing, breaking, shedding, destroying each other!..


The glorious age in which the sick, fake and talentless comic actor, in which his woman, drink, lust and stupidity were exhibited, performed tragic plays, and luxury, waste and magnificence came to the line! The age when sealed hearts, numb feelings, deaf ears, veiled eyes roam and beat, and monks and priests rule our beautiful world! An age in which cruelty, treachery and many cruelties reached their peak! A dark-faced cruel, vicious, treacherous age that knows no country and borders!..

It is a terrible age when real thoughts and feelings are destroyed, unaware of meaning, senseless, directionless, rootless, unbeliever, ruthless, circus circus, terrifying pirates roaming around. Between brutality, hatred, revenge, hot and cold wars, the age of pharaoh leaders, kings and monks, priests who drag the crowds to unknown targets like a robot with tailed lies!..

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