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Found this on the internet and sharing it.

Jesus is Coming: Appears in Sky on May 21, 2014. - YouTube
Video for Jesus appearing to people▶ 0:57

Jun 15, 2014 - Uploaded by Men in Black
I feel sorry for all the racist people when they see him coming in the clouds of Glory with wool hair and bronze ...
testimonies of jesus christ appearing to various people


I wouldn't call this an actual appearance of Jesus, it's a cloud that resembles what we might think He looks like. It's also very possible it's a photoshopped image. To me, it really does like that is the case here. I have become quite sceptical of such videos because so many of these supernatural 'sightings' have been faked. However, I do know that an abundance of fakes doesn't mean the real thing doesn't exist or never happens. I do believe in supernatural phenomena, but I wouldn't call this an actual appearance of Jesus Himself. Remember, it says in Revelation 1:7 that every eye shall see Him...He is coming with the clouds but He Himself is not going to look like a cloud. If this sighting is not photoshopped, then it is certainly interesting. And if it makes people think about Jesus, so much the better. But this is a cloud, and not Jesus Himself. :) God bless!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I didn't think it was a return(it happened a few years ago), just a reminder and something to put hope in people's hearts to sustain them until His real actual appearing.
God bless with all the best

lol. Really??? Totally non-biblical !!!

Could you please give explanation, because I don't understand why.
Thank you for your help.

That is clearly a cloud and people think is Jesus???
Please open your Bible in Mattew 24:29-31 and stop believing that a cloud is Jesus Christ. That part is funny!

It's still sort of nice to see as a cloud. It's an unusual cloud formation.
Thanks for helping.

If nothing else, it is still a pretty vision. People are seeing lots of visions of Jesus.

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