Affiliate Program for MIQ-TEST (and declaring the WINNER of #3 contest)

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MIQ-TEST is a website that tests your intelligence and rewards you for it.

How it works:


  1. You go to the website : and, for free, answer questions.
  2. After answering all the questions, you click on the "Submit" button and via SteemConnect you will post, to one of my posts, encrypted answers that you gave.
  3. Wait for the maximum of 12 hours to get paid if you won (WINNER is the person who gives the highest number of correct answers first).


There is now an affiliate program which rewards you with 0.010 SBD for directing a person to MIQ-TEST. For more information, visit:


Results for the #3 competition:


Everyone who competed will receive 0.010 SBD.
The WINNER (@skepticology) will receive 0.250 SBD.

Payouts will be processed in 4 hours.

This is still in development, so if there's any problem tell me as soon as possible and retry the website after 2 hours.

For any questions, join Discord:
Next competetion is live at:


@miq-test, My scores are justifying my School Days. Ha ha 😁

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@miq-test, I am facing the below error while submitting the answers.


Have a pleasant time ahead.

Sorry for the inconvenience, try I again. I've uploaded a new version of the website, the questions are the same.

Thank you for your kind response and effort. I've submitted my answers.

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