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Get Capital for Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency
"There is now Help Folks Get Unsecured Credit Lines at 0% Interest
For 9 to 15 Months. Get money and put it to work." This is a very interesting event in in crypto mining .Mintage mining has now engaged with a company that be the first to finance crypto mining contracts.. A "REALLY" MOMENT in the crypto industry. imho. Purchase a Hash Power Agreement buzzirk!

Now for the boring part of this blog . Mintage mining operates with an Advanced Proprietary Mining AI (artificial intelligence) that evaluates the current cryptocurrency market to carefully and strategically select the best cryptocoin to mine with the highest possible payout value each week. Artificial intelligence permits Mintage mining the ability to mine a variety of crypto coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (SEC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), allowing to stay on top of the changing crypto market. Mintage can add and has added other crypto to mine. The A.I. INFLUENCES mining direction. Mintage Mining Scam For a mintage mining review just start YOUR FAVORITE SEARCH ENGINE. When reading some blogs , they use language like "MINTAGE MINING needs to be registered with the SEC." As far as I know, that is not true statement in crypto mining industry. If you have any information as to SEC ruling in the crypto currency mining realm. Please comment. I give no legal advice. Always consult a pro ! I asked a member, who is Mintage's lawyer?
This was the answer I got. He said this guy with this firm.

Mark W. Rasmussen of Jones Day advises clients on regulatory compliance related to cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and blockchain technology and was recently appointed by Chief Judge Barbara Lynn, of the Northern District of Texas, to be the first ever receiver in an SEC enforcement action involving an ICO promoter. Good answer! imho.. MINTAGE MINING REVIEW from a new Nui member ! Next on buzzirk Steem " You can't do that with a merchant account !" #hashpowertothemembers

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Is a Good start. How many Racks so far?

#hashpower Sir, I do not know the hardware answer. This video goes into mining equipment.. thanks and succeess2u

The Exclusive Financing Offer from :, powered by Fundwise, is offering Mintage Members unsecured crypto mining loans that are easy to qualify for. If you have a credit score of 650 or higher, you could pay a 0% interest for a 9-15 month loan. Other benefits include:

Strategic and Personalized loan plans
Available lines of Credit Based on Personal Credit Score
Same Business Day Approval Process

Learn more about acquiring an unsecured crypto mining loan .

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Scam or Legit?


My opinion Symatri , Nui Social and Mintage mining are acting in good faith. Is this a difficult membership to build? My opinion is yes.. Also ,i think crypto mining and ico legislation is coming.. I say legit - but with risk... Now ,with the launch of the free membership - i like this social crypto membership , Mate .


Mintage mining products
Each participating unit costs $1.00 USD
156 week agreement
Produces three-year units for Bonuses and Overrides (Team Building Accounts Only)
First time purchase minimum is 25 units ($25.00 USD)
Minimum repurchase, when available, is 1 unit ($1.00 USD)
Hashrate batches close when all units are sold or when time expires
Hashrate batches are released weekly or when capacity is available
Units become active upon the close of the batch
Uses hosted Mintage hardware or third party sourced hashrate.

Each participating rental share costs $2.00 USD
Open ended agreement (no set expiration date)
Produces rental shares for Bonuses and Overrides (Team Building Accounts Only)
First time purchase minimum is $25.00 USD
Minimum repurchase, when available, is $2.00 USD
Shares limited, operates on a first come, first serve basis
Rentals Agreements close when all units are sold
Rental shares become active on the date disclosed as part of each individual listing.
Uses hosted Mintage hardware that supports our latest auto-switch algorithm. Capable of mining over 250 coins.
Payment on all active agreements occurs weekly on Wednesdays. Distribution of all Bonus and Override units occurs weekly on Fridays.