Fresh Blueberry Pie Delivered by Bike on a Birthday. A Luscious Summer Recipe. Easy & Healthful!

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On my 31st Birthday, I made this FRESH Blueberry Pie. Fresh as in not cooked, mostly. I love the way fresh #blueberries pop and wanted to keep their perfection in-tact while adding the human magic of cardamom whipped cream and a crumbly, savory crust. The result is a LUSCIOUS pie with amazing juicy pop! Mint and berries are the best of friends - I decorated this one with mint leaves and served it with cherry-mint-basil shrubs (pictured). I know that on July 29, this was the prettiest, most soothing pie in Minneapolis! 

After making it in the morning in less than an hour while having a dance party in the kitchen, I put the precious pie in my bike basket to deliver slices to my friends at their homes in Minneapolis - by surprise! This was one of my favorite birthdays ever, and it's all because of this incredible pie and a bike. It's on the less-sweet side of life, because the fresh berries are the star and nature is divine! 




With love, Sarah


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wow, that sounds and looks amazing!! I really like your sweet bike, especially the cool basket.


Thanks, I got it at the thrift store and put it on with zip-ties. Supa light-weight!

Oh wow, I genuinely feel hungry

Thanks for that, I think.

...where did I leave my blueberries