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Hello, Steemit community!

I want to make known three aspects related to the use of words, which seem fundamental to me and I see with concern that for many people they are not important.

The incorrect use of the words:

The difference between the meaning of one word and another is enormous, so that the communication is affective, both the sender and the receiver must agree on the definition of the same, otherwise they may be misinterpreting the information that they want to give understand. For example, it is not the same to say "you are intolerable" when what I really want to say is "you are intolerant", the difference is abysmal.


Lack of commitment when talking about future actions, or rather speaking to speak:

How many times have we heard someone from our environment constantly say "I want to be, do or have such a thing", but after a while we realize that this person did not do anything he said, and still, he continues saying the same thing over and over again. The result of living with this type of people is that after a while we do not believe in what they say, then we generalize it, as if everyone is the same, and the worst case is when we begin to copy this behavior. We need to be congruent.

The power of the words we hear from others and from ourselves:

The word is the tool of thought management that allows us to introduce and extract from our mind the beliefs that shape our reality, the structure of our conscious and subconscious mind is directly related to our way of expressing ourselves.

The words we say have an impact on those who listen, the praise can make you feel good and the offensive words will make you feel the opposite, what we say to ourselves has an impact on our self-esteem, and our trust depends on the fulfillment of our goals .

A word is able to increase or decrease our energy and motivation, in terms of the incorrect use of the words Lopera. M and Bernal. M (2005) in their compilation refer to them as "words - stone":

As the use of the words - stone makes the person who receives them feel hurt in the deepest part of their being, his natural reaction will be to defend himself by attacking or retreating. In both cases those words - stone turn off the flame of motivation. The person spends all their energy defending themselves and has no energy left to create, think or decide. (p.236)

When we make good use of words we feel good about ourselves, and the people around us perceive us with pleasure, good vibes are promoted.


Lopera, J. and Bernal M. (2005).Y ¿De quien es la culpa?. Colombia: Intermedio Editores.

Thank you for allowing me to reach you