For you who are present even if only for an instant

in minset •  5 months ago 


Hello Steemians

Everything in life is a surprise. Like you who suddenly came, then suddenly I'm happy

It turns out you're like a rainbow, so beautiful but your presence is only an instant

Have we ever felt lonely in this life. Feeling that in this world we have no friends. Even though there are many friends around us, it seems that all our friends cannot understand ourselves. we even think that they don't care about us. So we feel alone in living this life

We feel lonely, it feels lonely and lonely when we do our daily routine.

Wake up to see the morning, feel the sun then move until dusk returns. Until that night finally close our eyes, as if without something that makes us smile before finally dreaming.

Maybe at that time I was in a condition that needed a lot of attention, attention and also a place to tell each other.

I don't know why I feel everything.


Don't Delay Happiness


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