10 Fifth-Graders Started A Book Club For Minority Boys

in minority •  last year

An administrator helped the group of 10 form a book club at the Truesdell Education Campus.

It has become the most popular club on campus and it has left staff members struggling to keep up with the kids desire for literature.

"The books that we read here, we can relate to," 11-year-old Devon Wesley said. The book club has given him the opportunity to relate to characters who look like him.

As the story goes, Devon Wesley happens to be a very popular kid who's not only charming but very intelligent who from time to time needs an extra push.

The principal, Mary Ann Stinson, had given him a book she had lying around; Bad Boy: A Memoir," by Walter Dean Myers.

Michael Redmond, the assistant principal, didn't want Devon to feel like he was being punished so he asked him to get a couple kids together to read the book together.

The boys were quickly enthralled in the 2001 book about Myers's childhood in New York's Harlem.

This story has put a huge smile on my face. What better way to motivate these kids who feel the shade being thrown at them for the color of their skin and knowing that they have to build a strong intelligent mind to fully succeed in a world that has been really facing racial problems.

And they are only 10.

"Truesdell — a neighborhood school with a student body of black and Hispanic students who come mostly from low-income families".

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this is a great initiative that needs to be emulated and supported at all cost, reading help this kids expand their knowledge and transform their lives, big up to this guys

I like your article.
I want to support you
I hope you can support me.

i like started a book club

The book club is very useful for children. They will gain much knowledge from the application of reading culture. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing @joseph.

Trust in world - restored . Very nice

wow. i really believe that the greatest gift you can give to someone is a book. i hope these young kids would discover their love for reading and books. In this age where almost everyone prefers social media than spending.time with a book. 😁