So you want to go to STEEMFEST - #minnowsupportproject STEEMFEST Contest

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So you've heard about STEEMFEST and thought to yourself "How the heck am I going to get there? I am only a minnow with no STEEM and only a few followers. Well fear not faithful fingerlings, @aggroed, @minnowsupport and the team from the #minnowsupportproject have the chance of a lifetime for you!

Competition Details

Starting Monday, the Minnow Support Project is supporting a contest for minnows to submit posts with a chance for an all expenses paid trip to STEEMFEST. To enter, Minnows will need to submit a post detailing:

A bio
What they will bring to Steemfest
A budget
To be eligible you need to have 5000SP or less and 500 Followers or less.

More information can be found at @aggroed's latest post:
Stay tuned for more information. Follow ---------> @minnowsupport





souds so great. i wish i could be there

This competition was mentioned in this article, that mentions every single direct flight headed to Lisbon

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in wiki page about Steemfest 2. Thanks and good luck again!

Thank you for the support

"Well, I'm an accountant, and consequently too boring to be of further interest."

Is there a way to put that in my post title with correct attribution without killing myself with downvotes and nasty remarks from the bots?
Otherwise, I'm still going to try to enter, there's virtually no chance of me winning, but if

I do, I'll give it to some Steemian who CAN make it.

Excellent opportunity for some lucky minnow!

I want to be the lucky one. Thanks to you all

Does it help if I'm already IN Portugal? From what I understand it's going to be in Lisbon, only a few hours away for me. :)

Won't be too far to go then! Worth a shot if you are keen to go.

I'm thinking on it, sounds like a good reason to go to Lisbon! :) Bom dia! :)

Dude you can cycle there! 🚴🏻

I am not cycling in 113 degree heat! :) I'd die! Although, it should have fallen to at least the 80s by November. I can, however, take the Sym scooter we absolutely adore, or the train. :) I'm thinking about it. :)

I'm in Valencia, not quite 113 but hot enough! Might see you there 😎

It's way too hot here! But by November it will be nice. :) Hope to see you if we make it up there.

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I'd love to get to this STEEMfest. I'm still kicking myself I didn't just jump on a plane for 20 hours to go to Amsterdam

I'd love to go too but I'll already be out of the country. So until next year!

Shame. Maybe a #teamaustralia Steemup will be the next best thing.

Not a bad idea. I might put the word out to #teamaustralia and see what that might look like??

This is an absolutely dynamite idea! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have full faith in our Steemit community to help out Steemians in need and ensure that they can attend SteemFest this November!

Sounds like a lot of fun!

What is a deadline of the contest?