MSP- 3000!!!

BOOM! We just hit 3,000 people in the channel! We're going kinda ballistic in there, but it's been a whole month we've been doing this so we feel we get to celebrate some! We marked the occasion with some original memes!

If you'd like to be our 3,003 member or higher come play with us here:

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I'm 1 of 3000, your service is great! I love it. Thanks @minnowsupport


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Congrates , now the game in ON now , it will go high n high , no limit , just steemit

this one's the best lol

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Minnows Power!

good one...
tired of being a minnow though...hope thing improve up a bit
any new info to support minnows?

You guys are doing a great job of keeping everyone organized! Thank you for all that you do!

Gratz and nice work!


I love all these memes......nice

Whoop!! #memenation. Great work @aggroed and all our other hardworking whales, dolphins and minnows! GO MSP!!!

You HAD to know this was coming....



Congrats Aggroed, keep up the good work as always. Hope you get into the top witnesses spot soon too!

Holly crap, that's an army! You are General minnowsupport now!


Hi "minnowsipport " Welcome to Steemit.
I can Follow You.
You can follow me.Thnx

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That Myspace Tom Pic Got Me



I'll probably be closer to 4,000 since I can't get to my discord just now

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One hundred million...

WAIT, it's only 3000!

Lol that expertly photoshopped 300 meme is the dankest. Congrats on 3000! Onward to 30k!

Moon time!

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WOOHOO! That was fast! How long til we hit 10K?

Lovely initiative. Looking back a month ago there weren't more than 50 people on the discord chat and now its going crazy.
Cant wait to see what the future of minow support holds.
Cheers and best of wishes. Goldie

Congrats and thank you for supporting us!

More wine for @aggroed and the clew

What an incredible achievement! Well done everyone!

Congrats! Huge numbers!!

The memes are on point :D

Great goal!!

Woow Great!! hahaha Hilarious memes

high n high , no limit just soaring into the sky

Well done!


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Hi, Congratulations, I'm newbie, please help me @minnowsupport

The Dave Chapelle meme is the best lol

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How do i get involved?

Congratulations @minnowsupport!
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this is great news. but i also think that encouraging the 3000 members to enjoy steemit so that others can be attracted to join should be a paramount focus now. thanks for sharing this growth @minnowsupport

I have got a lot of information from this post
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Once again the great post @Rashidminhas Upvoted