Minnow Support Project Meeting Minutes 11/4/17

These minutes were voted on to be shared during today's moderator meeting. These are the public written record of what was discussed by the publicly elected witnesses that are a part of the Minnow Support Project and the moderators they appointed to help serve this public community.

Globo msp-waves

How to Gain Listeners:

Adding a shallow end welcome message for awareness
Channel, group orientations
Offer incentives for listening - minnow resteems and upvotes
Promo on Zappl and twitter

Globo asked if we knew anyone to help with show handovers - someone who can fully commit and knows linux and ssh

Globo asked for more support for Msp-waves posts - resteems and upvotes

New Meeting Time for one month

11-12 EST Saturday night

Committee updates:

Blocktrades is starting delegation
Consideration to rent 50,000 SP for 1000 SBD and upvote @minnowsupport which would bring back money to minnow support so that we can rent again.

When you renew the lease it’s even cheaper.

Aggroed said we could attempt to reach him for a discount for @minnowsupport.

followbtcnews said he would be willing to loan the 1000 SBD.

More discussion on this is needed before any action is taken.

Msp curation private channel - mods only to start

Possible Curation Idea:
6 Curation Categories

Each category will curate 5 Steemians a week.
This can include a promo post that can be resteemed on minnow support.
The individual Steemian’s posts can also be resteemed on minnow support.
And their posts will each receive a 10%? upvote from minnow support.

Conflict Resolution

Continued attempts at a resolution between Sammosk and Kubbyelizabeth was attempted. At this time the consensus was that it was not being resolved and that the process was taking too long to complete. An agreement was reached that this process needed to come to an end rather than be dragged out. A time for further mediated discussion was set.

rougebot for jr. mod

Motion was accepted.


Steemit.press links to be automatically deleted by a bot with notifications to a mod in informant channel.

Msp3k spam

Possibly make a separate account that posts only one message regardless of number of actions taken by the bots.
Consideration to use as the dummy account that delegation is leased to for above rental possibility.

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These are really nice and valid points discussed here.

Such notable ideas and initiatives are what's needed to grow this platform and the communities supporting it. Thanks for your relentless contribution to the sustenance of steemit

Mantap..teman..bantu saya..menjadi teman di steemit..mrazi.

This sounds awesome! I noticed all my photos weren't showing up on the platform for my contest posts, but then I found them way down at the bottom. There is a lot of really good work way down there that's getting $0.00 payouts when they deserve much more! I up-voted a lot of them, but my votes currently aren't worth much yet!


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As soon as I earn the .001 STEEM cover charge I'm onboard. Until then I'll remain at Plankton status. hehe

please upvote me