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Hey minnows. It's come up a few times with steem cleaners that some of the links that you're using to upvote don't actually conform to community guidelines. This is true for the Minnow Support Project, but also for steemcleaners who will in fact downvote your posts, take away your rewards, and lower your rep. So, in an ongoing effort to keep that from happening the cleaners were kind enough to make this informative video (thanks @bruckdashel)-

In addition you should know-

No porn
No hate speech
No inciting violence
No personal attacks
All original work or use something like pixabay for your images.
No shitposts (just an image or youtube without text)

You shouldn't do those things for lots of reasons. You might get away with some on your own, but we'll be pretty upset if you use the community account to upvote that kind of post. Abuse can cost you access to the community account. Repeated abuse will lose you access to MSP.

Lots of ways to write good content and lots of people in MSP that will help you spread it.

Keep on steemin' on!

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The no porn, inciting violence and plagiarism is great, but the hate speech and personal attacks is the tools that facebook and twitter like to use as their excuse for censorship.

Also Ive seen steemcleaners at work and vaguely claiming some one might have done something wrong and will plague all their posts almost like in a harassing manner. I know they appear to mean well, but if they are going to accuse people then they should be very clear as to what they are accusing them of, and offer a link to the offending post for which they are upset about as they plague everyone of the posts they make.


No porn?

That is absolutely your own curation choice but there is a nsfw tag for a reason.

There is no reason that quality adult art should not be accepted. - thus the few users doing quite well.


I was also confused by the no porn thing as I see a lot of it being posted and being rewarded and by high authority steemians as well.

I don't really come to Steemit for porn lol but IMHO if your going to post porn at least make it your own photos or your own porn, if I want to see general internet porn I'll head over to pornhub or youporn we dont really need it reposted here unless its going to be some type of curation like the 100 best bl@wj@b3 of all time and even then that's questionable lol.



It might be questionable to you ;)

But yeah, the folks here on steem who are making the money doing that are doing the artsy stuff themselves.

Not that I know much about it or anything.

the #nsfw tag is a thing though.


I'm guessing the "no porn" is probably connected to the fact that the core "terms and conditions" of Steemit only requires users to be aged 13 to create an account.


Lol... this is the blockchain. There are no age requirements.


great advice. I'd take that to them. As a principle MSP really doesn't flag anyone. We'll upvote posts around flags if it effects community members, but we'll leave flag wars to others. I'll have an upcoming post about it.

Also, FB is a facist shit whole. We're pretty chill. So, don't sit around causing drama and using the bots to upvote it and all your comment spam and it's ok. The bar is set pretty low here. Even then, we're not really gonna run around flagging. We'll just stop letting asshats vote with the community bot if they can't confirm to pretty bare bones community standards..


I am a bit of a Free Speech Absolutist, they can take their flagging campaign and stick it honestly, and that's me being nice about it. If you don't agree with the speech, don't read it, walk away. But I defend anyone's right to say it, even if I don't agree with it.

I wish to clear that up a bit, without an edit, just an addition, Minnow Support Project is great, but what I have seen other "community policing" efforts turn into has looked like EverGreen College level community policing with masks and baseball bats.

You're description of FB is dead solid perfect :)


While you may be chill today, please keep in mind that YOU are not permanent, and the next Mod might be less 'chill'. I am a free speech hard liner. Please do refrain from setting up a system that can be used to censor.

I reckon spam and plagiarism can be the bar. Snowflakes that call criticism hate speech exist. Don't let them ruin a good thing.


How about you guys just go fuck yourselves? Is that flaggable? I mean you just dont get it. you think we need some kind of secondary community to police the site. Steemit is already the community. Please do the site a favor and delete your dumb approval B.S. No one cares if a post was approved by the minnowsupport sisies


How about they just let people post what they want? If you don't like it, then move on. Steemit will never make it big if they start to police like youtube and others. Why have many youtubers moved to steemit? Censorship, that's why!


I agree but at the same time it takes 0 time or effort to repost internet porn so if someone is doing that all day long they are adding onthing to the platform and clogging up the new section which is already bogged down.


Nothing wrong with porn if that's what someone likes. You only follow who you like. My feed has no porn. Remember back years about there was a battle over playstation vs some other system that didn't have porn. Guess who came out on top. Same thing will happen if steemit starts to censor. They will lose to the next guy that doesn't censor.


Was it Playstation vs XBox? I have no issues with porn, heck I actually quite enjoy it but I personally don't see what benefit reposting the same exact porn which is on the million porn sites out there.

There's a few users on here who post personal pics, I personally think that adds some value, it's a unique creation, it's someone we quasi know on this site, etc but to repost some Jenna Jameson site thats on Pornhub, Youporn, Tube Galore and 1,000 other sites I just don't see that adding anything to this platform.

I don't think it's just porn either. It seems at least to me that unlike Reddit where posting an article without adding any unique thoughts is the way things are done here it seems like people like you to at least share some opinon or something of your own with your offerings. At least that's waht I noticed.


@variously you bring up a great point. While I'm not against a platform having standards who really gets to decide what's hate speech? Is disagreeing with someone hate speech? Posting something contorversial is that hate speech? Or is it reserved for name calling and racism? It's a slippery slope like you mentioned.

As for SteemCleaners I think they are doing a good thing but like you said I've been called out for plagarism for posting my own photos from other accounts I have on the internet. I posted some photos of a trip I took to Jamaica and I had also years ago posted them on CityData, a Google Blog I started, etc. I think its kind of silly to credit myself although I guess I'll have to start to do that, and also sometimes stuff is stuff I posted years ago and either forgot or dont feel like tracking down those old accounts and logins just to credit myself. Like you said it wasn't just one post either it was across several.


Yeah...why no hate speech or personal attacks? Those are pretty subjective....does a decentralized platform really need to have those controls? Why not let the community decide?


I've noticed that too @variously, going to people's pages that are being mass flagged. Many of them probably deserve it, but it does seem a little bit too intense at times. I wasn't seeing much information as to what the individual had done in the first place. This is an area where it's difficult to come up with a solution that doesn't step on somebody's toes.

Obviously the best thing would just be for everyone to behave as rational, mature individuals, and very little to no policing would be necessary. I'm really interested to see how things will play out when the official version of Steemit is released. There's gonna be spam, plagiarism, and all sorts of noxious content flowing in lol.

I trust the dev team, the witnesses, whales, and all of us can devise different solutions to this, but it will be...interesting haha


I agree, I think flagging should be reserved for the worst of the worst in terms of spam and stuff.


Steem cleaners flagged me on the tag I made. Check out my profile I write music and I will do a steam cleaner diss track


What was the tag? I love your name btw.

Many thanks for this. Just rushing off to edit post and add that all important line beneath my photos now...

All of those things are pretty arbitrary.

No porn- what is considered porn in other parts of the world is everyday in the US. Honestly, I'm torn on this one. Use the NSFW tag if you feel it is apropriate.

Hate speach- What an intersectional feminist considers to be hateful I would consider to be factual and reality based.

Inciting violence- Again, this is arbitrary. Completely open to interpretation by the recipient of the communication.

Original content- yeah, absolutely pretty damn clear.

No shitposting- YEAH! ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! But mostly if not always falls under the original content.

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Except for copyright, theses criteria are very subjective and can be used for "bad" purpose depending how we perceive this the content and theses criteria.

Thanks for the update. Actually I'm pretty surprised there haven't been any big incidents so far with people abusing the upvote feature for this type of content... at least as far as I know lol. Anyway, as always, grateful for the hard work put into the minnowsupport project!


Thats my face everytime I get an upvote ^^


You have all the time with me

finally that good news arrives. keep it up

Oh, that's a great video!
I may have to link it in comments once and a while to inform people.

Wish more people would actually conform to these guidelines

Thank you so much for updating us with these great guidelines

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Thank You - @blueorgy

I think this is a great video that every user joining the community should watch and use as a guideline when creating a blog post.

Is it possible to have this video be a part of the welcome email you get when you join steemit?

This video and other informative information could be in a section marked as What to do on steemit when you first join.

What do you think?

I also would like to add another tip. Good content / story always adds value. This way the reader is satisfied with the article and is more likely to upvote you. If she/he doesn't upvote you she/he might follow you and upvote you in future posts.

very helpful because when i just started out, i wonder all these things , thanks for helping us here

Thanks you. @minnowsupport for information.

The only Youtube videos I post are my own creation. I never post someone elses youtube video. Making money off someone elses hard work and video editing skills is downright wrong. But I have seen a lot of people doing that.

Video editing or "vlogging" is hardwork and takes a lot of time and effort to put together.


I am curious about something. If someone reposted a video of yours, but also linked to source, thereby increasing your exposure, would you feel that they had wronged you?

I do not intend to do this, but often link to others work that mine is derivative of, and wonder if this is a no no

Resteemed your Post , really informative video , minnows should really learn from it. Thanks fro sharing with Steemit Community.

I cannot agree more. The beautiful thing about the steemit community and people involved with MSP is that action is taken against bad content. Either way, bad content will never reap as much rewards as good content, so I think on a larger scale accounts that post bad content will naturally fade away, while the good content remains king.

Wishful thinking? Maybe. But that's the beauty of steemit!


Hi @minnowsupport, please help me with my post.. I upvote you and i Follow you!!


Dude. just join MSP.



I'm loling...

Great stuff! always good to be reminded. Upvoted and resteemed

The no porn is not necessarily​ true.

There is a NSFW tag for a reason.

Thanks for this it will let everyone know what steemit is really about :)

Good info! Thanks!

Thanks for the reminders... i am very happy to become a member of this community.

Excellent post! I'm going to start putting copyright disclaimer even tho I mostly make my own images :), thank you!

good informative post.
Thank you guys very much!

Wow great post again, I could not agree more annoying when people post a simple you tube clip, when some of us research and write up a post which might take us hours, infact I have decided now any people I follow doing that I am just gonna unfollow, I can go to you tube for that.

fully support

Thanks for the tips. Im looking foreard to applying all that I have gain from the few post you have up. I love the whole idea of this community and would love to be apart of it. Thanks in advance

nice science for me,,, good post @minnowsupport

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No porn on Steemit? I see a lot of porn being posted, earning well, and being upvoted by people with a high reputation. IS this really a no porn platform? I don't post porn so doesn't affect me one way or the other but just curious?

this is really great. thanks for this information

Couldnt agree more with this...if only there was a way to enforce these guidelines as I still struggle to find good content while ploughing through the loads and loads of rubbish posts...

No porn!
hmmm! i think as adults we all know whats good for the community and whats isn't. Our community is matured enough to handle such, i'm kinda new here but these are my thoughts

The rules are simple to follow. It's easy, the earnings is not unless you find support.