ATT: NEWBIES! Gif your way to understanding voting power: a beginner's guide on how it works.

Do you know how "Voting Power" works? Do you know VP decreases every upvote?

Here are the very basics of what I have learned about VP brought to you by hilarious gifs.

I can tell you I didn't know these answers until very recently. It's not something I even put any thought into until I dipped to 30% in a day without even realizing it -_-

After trying to figure this whole thing out, I decided there needed to be an easy, fun way to make sense of all this information for people who might be struggling to understand like me ;)

So here it is dear friends, enjoy <3

dont undetstand.gif/

Newbies-minnows- You need to know about your “Voting Power"/"VP"

It gets depleted the more you use it so it's not recommended to just go clicking 'upvote' all over the place!
typing gif.gif/

The higher percentage of Voting Power you have, the more powerful the vote, ie. 100% being maximum strength. (The more Steem Power(SP) behind you, the more power that vote has but in order to keep this simple, let's not get into that here.)


You might be feeling shocked.

Isn't upvoting the whole point of supporting each other?

Kind of, yes, but also no.

The idea is to encourage great content by supporting it but if everyone supported everything on here, the integrity of the platform wouldn't hold true.

Alas, there need to be limits.

Stay with me.

Voting Power decreases with each upvote.

If you're new, all of your upvotes are going to use 100% voting power. At 100% one upvote will decrease your voting power by 2% per vote. I've been advised to try not to dip below 50%.

do you understand.gif/

This is where you can start thinking about how much you've upvoted and...there it is:


gimli oops.gif/

Once you gain enough SP, you'll get a slider to play with when you upvote. With it, you'll be able to change the percentage of voting power you want to use per vote. This percentage changes the amount of voting power you use. For example you can change the slider to use only 75% of your vote, in turn costing you less voting power than if you voted at 100% power.

following me hp.gif/


Good, I knew you were.

It seems simple now right?

Let's keep going.

What happens if I use ALL of my voting power?

losing your vp.gif

Aww, I'm just kidding. It recharges at about 20% per day so it will eventually come back.


So how do you know how much voting power you have left?

internally screaming.gif/

You can take a gander over here at:
(You put your name where it says 'yournamehere')
Tada. Now you know.

neil degrasse.gif/

And there you have it,

I'll be sitting over here letting myself reload!
haley-joel-osment-pencil gif.gif/

I hope this helps you, or at least the pictures make you smile. Send to the minnows and newbies on here so they know! Thanks to @cryptomancer @drakos and @joeyrocketfilms and the MSP community for advising me along the way!
never give up.gif/


A Little About Me- How Did I End Up Here?

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Thank you so much for this informative post!


Your welcome! I am happy to share, hope it helped! I've been trying to continue to keep putting out helpful posts, glad to hear you liked it! :) *Sorry I missed this comment until now!
Have a great day!
@heart-to-heart 💜

Great post, fun and educating at the same time!


Hi @almvide so happy to hear you enjoyed it- I had a lot of fun creating it :) Have a great day!

nice one dear, it's very educative as well as really hilarious :D
thank you for sharing


Thanks @raja happy to hear I could make you laugh today! All in a day's work ;) Have a great day!

So simply put, love the gifs, perfect for me, now I understand and have not upvoted you on this but wanted to....


Hi @mysixtypluslife! I was well aware that might be the case writing this article and that's completely OK, I'm in no way offended about the lack of upvote and I really do appreciate your time to comment ;) However, just in case it wasn't clear- we all do have voting power, we just need to choose where to use it carefully and vote on content we really believe in/enjoy/want to help the author promote. Personally I'm going to try to stay above 50% at all times but that gives me a fair amount of votes a day to play around with (once I'm charged) ;) Thanks for reading and I'm so happy I was able to help you understand :)


Thak you definitely much clearer


Your welcome, I hope you're enjoying it around here :)

Fuck it, have an upvote.


That means a lot ;)
Sorry I missed this comment, I don't know why it didn't show up for me!
Hope you had an awesome week!
@heart-to-heart 💜

Nice informative post. I like your choice of gifs too. Also is a great way to check you Steem Power and other stats.

This helped me understand it so much better! :) Thank you.


Hey @bikinibakes - so happy to be able to share in an easier way to understand (told ya we would be good friends) ;)


Absolutely! :)

Is that the best introductory post i've ever came across ?? YEA! Thank you man 😀 the post is very informative and fun in the same time! You'de have amazing career working with kids 😀😀


Woah cool- what an amazing compliment! Thanks @marwanabdelalim I'm a teacher and visual learner so I find it more fun to have things explained to me in this way. So happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment! :)

Very informative for a newbie like me! Thanks!

it's really my pleasure to help :) great work on this Heart! Fun, chill and easy to understand! Nice job giving back! Thanks for the shoutout too!

Team #minnowtowhale of @minnowsupport

I learnt something today. Thanks


@pepe777 Happy to be of service :)
Thanks for showing your support! Happy steeming!

Great easy and fun explanation. Thanks 🐓🐓


Happy you enjoyed it @mother2chicks :) I had a really fun time putting it together! Wishing you the best, steem on

Great help for a newbie like me...& thanks for the entertaining gifs :D


That's what I love hearing @ydeaki! Thanks for reading, happy to be able to help!

Thanks for the info, I have found it a great help.
I like many others on here am a newbie. I have just upvoted on content I genuinely like, without a thought about my VP decreasing.
So I clicked on the link you provided, worried that I may have used mine up.
I was relieved to see that it was over 98%.

I will be able to keep my eye on it from now on.
Glad I came across your post. Thank you for taking the time to put it across in an amusing way as well.


@lessbeatentrack I am happy that I found this post now, I'm sorry I missed it earlier! It seems all of my comments on here were getting misplaced somehow :S

Anyway, 98% is great! Means you have tons to use :)
Hope you had a spectacular week, glad to help and will continue to keep helping and posting helpful blogs in the future!
@heart-to-heart 💜