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What is ETH?
I'm not sure, but I think that by combining steem (transferring it to one acct.) would yield higher payouts faster. Mind you; if they balance it out more as I read they plan to do, that might no longer be effective. In that case, 2 smaller earnings MIGHT be more than 1 larger earning. For now, there are like 86 (can't recall the real number) accts. holding over 50% of the assets! At the same time, thousands of minnows hold only a tiny fraction.

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Sold Ethereum (ETH) to deposit STEEM into her account.

Thanks for the added insight! I am sure we will see a more even distribution of STEEM over time.

Oh wow.... so she began with some power at the start then? Nice.

My belief is that if the current system is maintained a lot of people will become disillusioned as it becomes more and more difficult to get a small piece of the reward pool as more people join. At the same time they see the whales picking up ever-increasing amounts of power as their own diminishes proportionately due to the fact a whale will always get more than anyone else. If that is allowed to continue, I predict another large-scale abandonment as happened earlier. This system is supposed to liberate us from the 1% rule idea, yet it works on the same principal at this time.

Yes, This will be a challenge if not solved will cause many to leave