When Gaining a Friend is More Valuable than Money

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Yesterday, while I was looking through the upvotes channel of the @minnowsupport on Discord, my eye caught an interesting post. I went to check it out and I liked what the guy did; it was a clever comic about going to Mars, which I commented, upvoted and resteemed. Few minutes later, the guy replies to my comment, and soon enough, he checks out my blog, without me begging or even asking for it (F4F'rs I hope you're taking notes). And what you know, he went through my older posts and took the time to answer my Improve My Avatar Contest - 5 SBD PRIZE ! It was a contest I launched which didn't get any participations, so it was dead for a while, until yesterday. I was extremely thrilled by his response, he made this kick-ass upgrade to my old avatar!



I went back on Discord and contacted him to thank him. Before I knew it, we were having a long friendly chat. Here's the interesting part, although I was willing to give him the 5 SBD prize for his work, he declined it! It's not a huge amount, but his gesture was grand and I appreciated it a lot. Not only did he improve my avatar, he actually went further and made this animated GIF. How cool is that?

I'm telling you this story because that's what blogging is all about, on Steemit. Gaining followers by interacting with them. Not just a F4F like many are doing. Discover people and learn what they're about, that's the winning formula.

It's a testament that gaining a friend is more valuable than money.

@pulpworx, here's to you 🍻

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for sure. I did interactions with other users since I registered my account here.

No one would follow unknow follow for follow but people would follow persons who do care, who could give an advice or could give you interesting opinion.

You describe an absolute great experience! Fortunately I have multiple of these type of engagements and discovery of super nice people who like to be helpful and not out on rewards, votes and follows. Those stick to me in the sense, I'll not forget them. Those I also give votes and sometimes even my full power! To be honest, I make quite a lot of conversations on channels that does not reward at all, like Steemit.Chat in p2p mode, or Discord also on p2p mode. And with those I have phonenumbers from, WhatsApp and other p2p messaging apps. The funny thing is, these people come back to my posts and reward them, not always, and they maybe away for some time. Yesterday had a ling conversation with someone I had very meaningful but also fun conversations with on Steemit.Chat and because of our re-contact at Steemit.Chat, and the fun we had again, suddenly I had 5 upvotes on my posts with a good reward. I was not even expecting it, not even thinking about it. But this kind of things happen, and more frequently than you think.

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I have years and years of background on IRC (and still do), so it's natural for me to mingle and interact with people in a live manner, on chats like Discord and Steemit.Chat. It's much easier to make friends there because it's faster to interact, than to wait minutes or hours for comments and replies on Steem. Although sometimes I find them a bit too cloggy, IRC is simpler because it's plaintext, no fussy avatars and whatnot. Perhaps it's one of the reasons I never was interested in any of the current social media like FB. IRC is the grand daddy of any chats in existence, it's old school and still alive.

Although I have accounts at other social media, I never ever posted anything. Only when discovering Steemit, I started to share information. For some reason I like it, but like you, I like the simple chat channels more, since those allows much more interaction than this blogging think. The good thing of blogging channels is that posts and comments are more structured and will be easier to search back when needed than chat channels, anything in the history of a chat, generally is lost for later use.

This is what it's about man! Very cool to hear this. Same way I came here...I voted for you as a witness, you comment on my post and now I'm checking out yours. It's a community after all ;)


Yo thx for the shout out, stoked you like the visuals Bro. Yaaaargh!

That gif is the bomb. Pretty professional looking. You know, as professional as a pirate gif with Miami vice palm trees (which look sweet btw) can be.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I can see your avatar quality went from Potato Pixel mode to 4K mode, You found a rare gem in steemit.

I'll update the post with before and after lol.

hahahaha, just saw the comparison, the first one was cropped from Atari.

I love it @drakos and for the record I love you too!
My very first friend on steemit :)
Happy to hear you're continuing that trend, I absolutely love the avatar, you should put me in touch with him. I could use a sassy, cartoon to play with ;)

Sending you love all the way to Canada-land!

You mean @pulpworx? He's on Discord with us, talk to him anytime. Yarghhhh!

Fairly new at this myself. F4F while semi-useful isn't really enough, as your post states we should focus on forming social circles / communities. On a random side note, I do think we need a better Steem app though to encourage widespread use (smartphones).

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If you F4F you end up with a ton of follower/followings that you can't manage. Too much feeds is overwhelming. If you want a Steem smartphone app, @good-karma wrote one, it's called eSteem.

That´s an awesome upgrade to the avatar! :)

Yeah, this is the way to connect and what blogging is about!

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Really great story :0) fin with people like that u really bond with. One action can mean so much ♡ thx for sharing upvoted

Nice, good to hear about some bonds being formed here! Unfortunately there are a lot of people here that are completely averse to putting in any effort, even if it means meeting some great people.

I should probably join this Discord server at some point though... sounds like the better way to meet people.

I actually started on steemit.chat and that's where I discovered the MSP. Then I joined them on Discord chat and the rest is history. Met a lot of people and formed some cool friendships.

@drakos awesome avatars. will resteem.

Support @pulpworx too, he deserves the credit. I'm looking forward to more of his work.

This is a real nice story :) And this is what all new users (and many old users) should be told to do. You can join Steemit in hopes for money, but usually people stay for friends. Those who leave early disappointed are those who haven't even tried to make friends.