Today on Hacking Mental Performance - Wip Shares Her WEIGHT LOSS Adventure...and dives into a NEW momentum.

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Have you struggled in the put down the sugar munchies?

Are you wondering if the moment has finally come to tackle the extra pounds in your life?

Have you ever lost yourself in a bag of Doritos? (Shaking the last of the crumbs into your mouth from the corner of the bag?...that's just how everyone eats Doritos right?)

Listen Here:

(I've been known to have out of body experiences while eating Chips Ahoy cookies. It must have been an out of body experience because I don't remember eating an entire row of cookies in less than 5 minutes!! Yet...the taste of delicious chocolate still lingers mysteriously on my tongue.)

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Momentum around our health and our weight can be very powerful.

If your momentum needs a little fine-tuning...CHECK OUT TODAY'S SHOW!

Wip is bringing you some crazy stories that are sure to get you thinking as you begin shifting your momentum to create the life...(and body!) you want.

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