Today on Hacking Mental Performance - What kind of culture are you creating in your life? Tune in to the show today!!

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(Woman Igniting Performance!)

Today on the show we are discussing culture...from a super cool standpoint. HMP is always focused on performance, and creating a "culture of performance" in your life is critical in forward progress.

Wip has a cool show planned...listen in and get your boost of energy for the day!!

Listen Here:

Chat with WipGirl in the Discord Chatroom during the show - Here:

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Super Great Show as always WIP....
Should be on everyones weekly agenda for the week ahead...
Keepin the Momentum going!
Good Luck & Best Wishes


You're the best! I love having you in the audience ask the best questions! And you are one smart cookie! Thanks for being there friend...and let's see if I can get through another show without calling you Prepper Dan!! LOL!!!

Seriously though, I really appreciate your engagement...and well...just being there!

Cheers! @preppervetuk