Today on Hacking Mental Performance: The Missing Piece

in minnowsupport •  9 months ago

This could be the day that changes everything!

The information that I am going to share with you today could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

You see, I feel I am extremely fortunate – as my audience is more intelligent that the average ho-humm radio audience.

The MSP Radio Audience - are people who “mix it up” in life. You’re intelligent. Savvy. Wanting to be on the cutting edge of information. You're loaded with common sense and you aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

** I am here to convince you to put yourself at the top of the list.**

To stand up and believe in yourself.

To bet on yourself.

To put your money where you mouth is…forget all the bullshit that happened in the past, determine your direction, grab your balls – AND GO FOR IT. And yes women, about talking about your balls too.

Because I’ve got balls…and they CLANK BABY.

And when I get in touch with that energy. When I put my thinking as my #1 priority over everything else in my life. EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING changes.

Listen Here:

Chat with WipGirl in the Discord Chatroom during the show - Here:

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Nice one WipGirl!
I need bit of encouragement and empowerment every so often, well who doesn't? /Actually more often these days :D going through some serious shit :D .. so its all ears and not much to say, except:


I'm listening on twitch! There's bunch of good things about that..

Like you need no Discord or Steemit account for it and can tune in every TUESDAY 6PM UTC right?
only downside, you can't participate in chat, which is not too bad, as there is not much audience interaction on the show as far as I noticed. This is NOT me complaining here :D
Follow and resteem!

I have been looking at the MSPW schedule for some time, and have been eying your show for some time.. and now Clank - tuned into it "by chance" :D

You mentioned Tony Robins, and yes, he has been on my way to where I'm now ! It helps to focus on oneself a bit more..
The life long programming of the post christian society which integrates self-sacrifice into the idea of what being good means takes some tough reviewing to break through..
but hey there is a song you reminded me of when talking about the miracle of human being:

Don't completely get the lyrics - they work more on emotional level on me - but the fact that "You are the Crown of Creation" can bring an amazing realization! Think the amount of time, development, energy and focus that had preceded to each one of our selves getting to where we are right now!


Thank you for all the funky tunes today. You play songs I have long since forgotten, I love it.