The Mix is FULL of FUN, FEEL GOOD music today!! WipGirl will be dancing in the studio! Join Her!!

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This show will put a little pep in your step. A little zip in your zoom, a little bip in your boom.

You will find yourself smiling for no reason, the music and the energy is THAT GOOD.
(It's a party today in the studio!)

Toes will be tapping.
Fingers will be drumming.
Shoulders will be dipping and shrugging....

I'm telling you....

The Mix is like a shot of energy straight to your soul.

Listen Here:

You can seriously INCREASE the FUN FACTOR by chatting with WipGirl in the Discord Chat Room.

Chat with WipGirl in the Discord Chatroom during the show - Here:

You will hear songs from Dead Mau5, Daft Punk, Don Diablo, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Charlie Puth and so much more!

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Thanks for sharing @wipgirl and helping minnows like me.