Bouncing Back: How To Do It -->WipGirl will have you laughing out loud. Todays show is a game changer!

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What a SHOW!

Hysterical stories!! -->Wip breaks down exactly what to do to recover from a crisis, or mishap, or big life change, or divorce, or...or...or.

She tells a story that will have you laughing out loud....but OHHHHH, how does one recover from a story like this?? It's a doozey seriously, you won't believe what happens to her!

Allow me to introduce our newest show!!

Sim Your Life with @simgirl and @snook.

8:00AM PST - 11:00AM EST - 3:00PM UTC

Today was their first show!!

Sim Your Life will infuse you with a fun, bubbly energy that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of your day. These ladies are awesome, and I can't wait to learn more about the sim world. Make sure to check out their next show!

I was followed by the brilliant @ScaredyCatGuide and his Music and Money Show. He played us some killer music too! (We even talked him into .... Eric Clapton!)
Check out The Music and Money show every Tuesday at 12PM PST - 3PM EST - 7PM UTC.

Listen Here:

Chat with the DJ's in the Discord Chatroom during the show - Here:

Hacking Mental Performance is 2 hours of serious fun and looking at life in a whole new way.

I help people master momentum and harness the impact it has on their life.

Whether that’s more attracting money, a different job, a new relationship, or finally taking your health into your own hands.

This show is a great outlet to share my message and connect with some amazing people.
Every Tuesday at 10AM PST - 1PM EST - 5PM UTC.

It's not what you do next week, it's what you're inspired to do in the next hour that can change your life.

WipGirl Out!

Thank you to all my fantastic audience members who were chatting with me during the show!

@cosmicstallion, @intuitivejakob, @jesse2you, @disarrangedjane, @Globocop, @ma1neevent,
@stace, @felix, @soundwavesphoton, @phedizzle, @marshalllife, @hope777, @r0nDon

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Hey @wipgirl, great show! Always love your energy and those stories today were the best...especially the one about the time in the '90s pantsuit!


Thanks so much for listening! I always love it when you're in the audience. *I still have those pants somewhere...I'm going to dig them


Always a fun time with you @wipgirl! I try to make it every time I am able to be there. Your perspectives are always great reminders.

Can't wait to see those pants!

yea it was really really great, i enjoyed your stories but i couldn't stay to the end, my ba3 got flat 😢😢


Thanks so much for being there!!