A little Minnow Support Quick Draw Giveaway!!

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Happy Monday to everyone!! Hope your weeks are all off to a Wonderful Start!

I had told a couple people that I would be probably doing the next giveaway on Monday... so here goes....

This week I am gonna shake it up a bit! Gonna give away MORE PRIZES today..... but smaller prizes than usual!


First FIVE people to Reply, in the first 1 hour of this post Will get 0.10 Steem each! BUT THERE IS MORE!!! During the first hour and all the way through the next 24 hours I will choose 3 more random winners of 0.25 Steem, 0.15 Steem and 0.10 Steem. For a total giveaway of 1.0 Steem! Easy Peasy as always....

So even if you aren't the first 5, join in and comment because the 3 additional prizes will be peppered in during the first 24 hours!!

Everyone that leaves any comment in the first 1.0 hour will get a 100% upvote / $0.05.

This contest isn't huge, but it is super fast and probably the easiest money you'll ever make!





wow, I checked my feed just in time. Good to see you again.!!

awesome! I didn't know you knew @public-eye !! It made my day to see you here and winning too!
His Quick Draw giveaways are fun! I have won once or twice!

Hi opt. Public was one of the very first to welcome me to steemit. His suggestions were so valuable. I was sooo green. (still am)

Wow! It is good to hear from you too! Yes, you were here with perfect timing!
Number TWO!!!

Thanks, public-eye.

Your prize has been transferred and you also won one of the Random prizes too!

Congratulations! Hope you have a great week!

Thank you. I hope you have a good week, too.

Thank you, you are definitely helping out us minnows.Keep up doing what you do best which is... Whatever you do best! :)

Thank you! I really should do another giveaway, but it's not going to happen right away.

I just haven't been spending much time on Steemit lately! :-/

Take it easy friend!

Ah! You posted this so late! I almost missed it but luckily I had a look before bed!!!

Did I make it in time? #5?

I know! I was late on getting it up! I was busy spending time with my family and trying to give them my full attention.

You missed the 5th and final quick draw spot, but there are still the three random prizes. Stick around and you may just win!

Sweet dreams!!!

Thank you! I will dream of prizes.....just kidding! 😉😅
Gn and
Big Smiles!!

yes im the first one 😀

Nicely Done!!! Number ONE indeed!!

Great! I don't think I'm too late... am I ?

Oh Pooh! I missed the first 5!

I like how you changed it up this time though! Thank you for continuing to do this giveaway! It is fun (and pretty easy as you say!)

I am having a great start to the week and I am so happy to see @grannycooks has joined the contest this week! That makes me smile!

Take care,

Congratulations, you won the 0.25 bonus giveaway! The prize has already been deposited to your account!!

Thanks so much for your support and for your hearts and smiles! It means a lot!

Pooh? Winnie isn't here! lol

You may have missed the Quick Draw 5, but there are still prizes to be won!

And I am always a winner when you stop by! Thank you so much for the encouragement! ANd yes, I was very happy to see Granny here! She is such a delight!

Oh, thanks, public. Made my day, really.

Thanks, my friend.

Number 3! I made it I think!! Yay!!

And isn't it so ironic!? EM >>3<< is our Number THREE winner today!

Always good to see you my friend!!

Hey em3!!. I'm waving atcha.

Your prizes have been transferred!

Congratulatiosn! you won the 0.15 random giveaway too!


Hahahaha Hi @public-eye!

I don't know how you do it, but I love the way how you're always helping minnows!!!

I hope some day to be able to do something similar!


You prize has been transferred! Thanks again so much for playing and for your continued support!

Hope you have a great week!

Hi @public-eye!

Thank you very much! I hope to multiply them and soon follow your steps... I really appreciate it.

Same to you!!!

Awesome! I hope you can too! (and you are already....even now, by supporting others with comments, encouragement and upvotes!!)
Congratulations! You are winner Number FOUR!!!!!

5? lol, just came in searching about minnow support etc. Looks like it was just in time for a bit of fun :)

Your prize has been transferred! Thanks again for participating!!!

How is your second week of Steemit going?

Working on a short Post right now, trying to keep active however I am getting sidetracked often in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Thank you for your Steem transfer, just saw it in my wallet :)

An itty bitty bit of fun indeed! And you did make it as Number FIVE!

Congratulations!!! That is awesome!!!

lol Witty too. Thank you for the up vote @public-eye

hi @public-eye i'm so sorry for being a newbie, but i was excited, I keep checking back here to see all who have won, the 3 random winners etc. but i haven't seen any comments since the first day of this quick giveaway contest.
Just curious if it's all done?

kind regards

Nothing wrong with being an eager beaver!

The three random prize winners were chosen and paid. Two happened to be Quick draw winners, and one more.

It's all done now!

I guess I have something to leave with, although there is no place for me in the 1st five

Hello Frank Remmy,
How is your time on Steemit going?

Let me know if there is anything I can help with!

That's nice. Giveaway is a way of saying thank you

Great effort to help out us Minnows 😊

I’ll be sure to check back often for other fun posts