👍🔼Minnows Don’t Be Ashamed To Upvote Your Own Comments🔼👍

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I joined Steemit 31 days ago and I’m more or less addicted to it. From my overall experience in this 1 month (+/- 1 day) I realize whales especially big ones don’t have time to read articles on Steemit. If they read, they prefer reading posts from other whales or dolphins.

In the same way big or small dolphins prefer reading articles of other dolphins or whales.

There are obviously some exceptions in whales and dolphins and they are obviously very few in numbers.

So at this current situation, if a minnow wants to make money from this platform (come on, everybody comes here to make money first, to promote Steemit second, to keep Steemit clean third, to share their travel experiences fourth and the lists go on), don’t be ashamed to upvote your own comments along with your posts.

Wait….you probably do not have sufficient Steem Power to make money from your upvotes if you joined Steemit recently (like me). So you may opt for leasing SP from @minnowbooster for a week or month or more to make money from your posts, comments and curation. Another way to make money from your posts is buying upvotes from @minnowbooster, @randowhale, @booster etc to increase the probability of your posts noticeable.  

If you do not want to invest – then few options are left to make money from Steemit that include creating lengthy original posts and pray to the almighty that at least one whale or dolphin sees your post and gives it a 100% upvote, or carry on curating content of others, making comments to others posts and upvoting your own comments to make few cents everyday guaranteed. 

Though there are few lucky minnows here at Steemit who are able to get upvotes from whales and dolphins regularly for their outstanding posts or sometimes for trashes (may be for their on/offline relationship with big brothers).     

There are few projects launched by @minnowsupport, @officialfuzzy and others but they are not sufficient enough to pick all good quality posts of minnows every day at Steemit and most of the minnows don’t know about these initiatives. No one to blame in that case. 

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For the moment I agree with you, as I know until now there is no self-upvote ban. I see many appeals about opposing upvote myself, but I think for now it is not the right thing. I am more pleased with the idea of supporting the original post, although less qualified, but at least they have tried to make the original post. If I can I will make bot to upvote all original post :)


I agree with you 100%. Are bote-makers listening?

Upvoted .
I think you are right .

how to use officialfuzzy ?


You should be carefull using too many boosters. Some whales does not like it and will downvote you :/ Maybe just choose a couple you like.


Thanks for your suggestion.

this is actually a bad idea.


I know but most of the times minnows' posts go unnoticeable.

Really nice article.

It is sometimes hard to pave your way on Steemit but with perseverance, it can be done.

TIP: Increase your Steem Power as much as you can and as quickly as you can. Once your upvote is worth some cents or even a dollar before considering cashing out some of it.


Thanks for the tip. I will remember it.

Great work @pijushmitra I think we should be able to upvote our own post


We are already able to upvote our own post.


Oh cause I was told by other's we shouldn't be. Nice to know

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I haven't thought about it, but now that you mention it, I might try it.


Althought I find it a bit meh


No doubt it's awkward but sometimes few options are left for minnows.

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