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This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators in a community under the PAL/MSP umbrella and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts! Giving our minnows the opportunity to have increased curation influence benefits the entire Steemit ecosystem and should be considered a great honor.

Make A Minnow Rules, Roles and Procedures


There are typically two Make a Minnow (MaM) Contests per month, but the exact schedule is determined by the organisers and sponsors.
The winner of each Contest is awarded a 5000SP delegation for 4 weeks and additional perks (see below).
Each Contest is held in two rounds: The Nomination Round and the Voting Round.
All Contest posts are made from the @msp-makeaminnow account and resteemed by @minnowsupport on Steemit. Post rewards are used to power up the @msp-makeaminnow account.
Each Contest will have three posts as detailed below.

  • The First post announces a new MaM Contest and its rules. The post also signifies the start of the Nomination Round. Nominations (eligibility conditions described below) are made as comments on this post. Nominations may also include a link to a post in support of the nomination. Eligible voters have one week to complete this step.

Nominee Selection for the Voting Round. A nominee requires at least two valid nominations to go into the Voting Round. The top three nominees, by count of valid nominations, go into the Voting Round. In the event of a tie, more than three nominees may go into the Voting Round.

  • The Second post announces the start of the Voting Round and lists the nominees that have been selected. Eligible voters that nominated during the Nomination Round have one week to comment on the second post with their vote from the list of selected nominees.

Winner Selection, the winner is the nominee who receives the most valid votes in the Voting round. There is a single winner: in the event of a tie, a dice roll will take place on the MSP discord to determine the winner. This will be done by the MaM organizer with at least two moderators as witnesses.

  • The Third post announces the MaM Contest winner and signifies the end of the Contest.


The MaM Winner is given a 5000SP delegation prize for 28 days and:

  • has the right to vote in all future MaM contests
  • gains membership to (and voting rights in) the chatroom for MaM Founders. This body governs the MaM contest.
  • has their future posts upvoted by the @msp-makeaminnow account

MaM may award extra prizes to runners up depending on availability of sponsorship. Extra prize awardees are not considered MaM Winners but remain eligible to win MAM in the future. We may elect to restrict bonus prizes to repeat bonus prize winners.

Who is an Eligible Voter?

Anyone who is a registered member of the MSP Discord and who also delegates 10 SP to msp bots and has a minimum of t!rank 5 with our tatsumaki bot is an eligible voter. An eligible voter can:

  • Nominate in the Nomination Round
  • Vote in the Voting Round if they also nominated in the previous post.
  • Past winners can always vote in the voting round.
  • Nominators who do not vote in the voting round will have their nominatee counted as a vote.

Who is Eligible for Nomination?

Any MSP registered member who has less than 10000 SP and is a delegating member of the PAL/MSP discord( minimum 10SP) and has a minimum of t!rank 5 with our tatsumaki bot.

As stated above: This initiative is about awarding a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators in a community under the PAL/MSP umbrella and giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their efforts! Please keep this in mind when nominating because your decision reflects upon you too.

The following accounts are not eligible for nomination:

  • Previous MaM winners
  • MSP Moderators and MSP Witnesses
  • MaM Contest Organizer/s and/or Sponsors
  • You may not nominate yourself!

Responsibilities of the MaM Contest Organizer/s

The MaM Contest is administered by the Organizers who are responsible for all duties associated with running the contest, including:

  • Making contest posts, overseeing the tally of results, ensuring prizes are awarded
  • Dealing with post rewards in accordance with the MaM rules
  • Promoting participation in the contests
    The present Organizers are @juliakponsford and @clayboyn.

Exciting news! We now have a bot helper!

Our resident wizard @danielsaori has created a tool to help with verifying nominations and lighten the workload, in order for the bot to recognize your nomination please use the format:

I nominate @username

Please make the comment top level (meaning a direct reply to the post and not another commenter)!

The bot will then reply confirming whether or not your nomination is valid!

The prizes are covered by our generous sponsor @eturnerx. Please contact the MaM Organizers or sponsor if you would like to become a sponsor.

We would like to thank the MaM founders for making this project possible:
@eturnerx, @sammosk, @aggroed, @followbtcnews, @freetissues, @crimsonclad, @overthewait, @inkatieskitchen, @misterakpan, @stitchybitch, @danielsaori, @kubbyelizabeth, @morodiene, @drakos, @inquiringtimes, @artsygoddess, @overkillcoin, @kerlund74, @stickchumpion, @torico, @buzzbeergeek, @crazybgadventure, @dbzfan4awhile, @steembusiness, @juliakponsford, @locke, @r0nd0n, @buggedout, @hopehuggs, @soundwavesphoton, @clayboyn, @drwom, @darxide403, @shellyduncan, @uniwhisp, @sunravelme, @travelnurse, @jackmiller and @spaingaroo.

Founders are the people who were behind the MaM Contests from the beginning. Founders have access to the MaM chat room where they can have input into the future of this project. Founders are not otherwise directly involved in the running of individual MaM Contests and may be nominated unless otherwise excluded.

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Make a Minnow #14 will be starting tomorrow so prepare your nominations :)

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