Mod Meeting 6/27/18

Mod Meeting 6/27/18

The Minnow Support Project is a publicly run organization built on the Steem Blockchain with the mission to spread the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty; help the Steem ecosystem grow, and train and retain new members on the platform. As part of the project we take meeting minutes and share them publicly. We're currently behind on publication and this is part of the process to catch up.


  • No Emergencies

New Rules

  • Requires some editing to include new times and whatnot
  • Motion to pass rules by @r0nd0n

Saturday Forum

  • Witness forum on 6/30

Mod Meeting Note Reviews

New Meeting time

  • Tuesdays 9pm EST


  • No New Updates


  • No New Updates


  • No New Updates


  • No New Updates


  • Voting round closes 6/28
  • May make changes for new round


  • New people being trained for handovers
  • New documentaion being created

MSP Lambo

  • No New Updates


  • Changes to Community Account are doing well

Disco Sacrifice

  • Disco made motion to remove Sacrifice
  • Aggroed made motion to deny motion
    • 2nd By Shane
    • Approved by Crim

I hope your services benefit the new members on Steemit

very interesting your post, as they are very helpful to all of us who are starting in steemit., thank you very much from Venezuela.

PD. forgive my english