Mod Meeting 1/5/18

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The Minnow Support Project is a public entity designed to speared the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty, help grow the Steem ecosystem, and train and retain new users on the platform. It serves as a social gathering place and project incubator for the Steem blockchain. Since the group is a public organization we strive to publish meeting minutes of project leaders to provide transparency on actions. These are meeting minutes from 1/5/18.

In Attendance

Aggroed, Ausbitbank, Clayboyn, Crimsonclad, Discordiant, Followbtcnews, Isaria, rougebot, Kubbyelizabeth, Ma1neevent, juliakponsford, R0nd0n, Swelker101, Teamsteem

Minnow Support Bot

Discussion of Minnow Support Account constangly being low on VP. Idea to do a 24 hour cool down once a week.

MSP-Creative Bot

Clay will ask Sammo if he wants to sell Creativebot. If he doesn’t then we will just make a post disconnecting from the account.

Aggroed told Stitchybitch that we didn’t agree with the upvoting of Sammosk's comments with creativebot. Asked Stitchy about buying MSP-Creative bot. Stitchy said, it is a private bot and is allowed to upvote Sammosk's comments. Aggroed said it still said Palnet approved on the Steemit page. Stitchy said she was editing it.

Sammo didn't agree to sell.

MSP3K Updates

Ag asks about creating a command that removes all the MSP3k comments posted. Talked about making the MSP3K comment smaller.

Growth Forum

Growth forum with Followbtcnews. Ag asked crypto people to join and hasn’t had much luck. The Youtube forum has had a better response. Dtube and Dsound will be there too.

Witness MSP Votes + Updates

Exyle & Blockchain brothers put in an application. Gmuxx put in an application. Teamsteem still needs to make his and Drakos.

  • Exyle and Gmuxx Witness Applications have been approved


  • Gmuxx voted back in as moderator

  • Promoted Clay to Full Mod

  • Promoted Roguebot to Full Mod

  • MSP Waves logo contest - Ron is coordinating with someone about it.



  • No new business


  • Kubby asked for new Goals
  • 10K by February
  • Kubby wants to focus on finding greeters


  • All is well


  • Automation for registration
  • Percentage scaling votes eventually
  • Disco will soon make a video tutorial

Channel Updates

  • Crim said that channel spam has gone down

  • upvote, reg, contest, and anything where we provide a service all require a registered role

Pause IVO

  • Paused the IVO for now because Whaleshares delegation ran out on the account.
  • Consensus seems to be to wait for SMT’s

Teamsteem wanted to point out some important points:

  1. Radio
  • lots of talent
  • let’s get better at channeling more people to the radio
  1. Witness Votes
  • We need to do better at networking people to vote for Minnow Support Witnesses
  • Wants to think of ideas to get more witness votes
  1. Communicating Vision
  • He thinks we can do better at letting our vision being known
  1. Show Face
  • We could do video as well as radio

Witness Awareness

  • Idea to make a “Have you met your MSP Witness” Posts

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Saya sangat tertarik dengan tawaran itu. Bisa kah saya bergabung dengan proyek itu.
Dari suara saya gc terlalu seksi. Dan saya hoby menyanyi. Gimana cara nya. Agar saya bisa bergabung tolong saran nyan.

Totally digging the minnowsupport teams efforts to scale with steemit. It’s hard work and we see it. Thanks guys!

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