Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks!

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Minnow Support Project Community Curation Resteems // MSP Curator's Top Weekly Picks

Every week, each of the MSP Community Curators choose 5 posts to curate using the @msp-curation account!

They also choose their favorite to be featured in this weekly post as well as resteemed on the @minnowsupport account!

Huge Thanks to @aggroed and @ausbitbank for recently increasing their delegation to @msp-curation!


From our Music Curator, @isaria

Hola amigos de steemit !! Hoy les traigo un merengue de Luis Laguna titulado Ay Compay acompañado por Felix Farfan espero que los disfruten by @maximilianoflute

From our Art curator, @juliakponsford

Splendid Incident (ORIGINAL ARTWORK) by @daltono

From our Fiction/Poetry Curator, @sunravelme

You can't Bend what's broken-Day 65 of the steemitschool 100 day writing challenge by @d-pend by @tygertyger

From our Science/Technology Curator, @jrswab

Why your $5 Calculator is Faster than you at Math. Serial vs Parallel Processing by @flyyingkiwi

From our New Steemian Curator, @ma1neEvent

Introducing myself & creativity to the community by @dybz2018

From our Philosophy/Psychology Curator, @clayboyn

The Limitations Of Science: Past Lifes Are Real by @zyx066

From our Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Curator, @creativesoul

Steemit Vision Quest 15: 'Far Away' : Poetry Pentagrams Petals and Porridge by @celestialcow

From our Photography Curator, @jfolkmann

Drama red dunes by @raliczfealk


Thank you for supporting the Minnow Support Project!


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incredible to see a publication of yours, the best bot and healing team, thanks for helping so many people !!!

Thanks for being the best out of many my number one bot I love you plenty

Thanks for supporting us minnows!! This is cool!

Is @minnowsupport also curate posts that are not photos?
If yes, please check mine... it is an essay about art & literature... hope you like it...:


Have a great & lovely day, dear @minnowsupports...☕❤

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