Port Harcourt Steemit Meetup; Calling Steemians in Nigeria

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As we all know, Naija no dey Carry Last, and we are set to own Steemit for good.phs (1).png
Are you a Nigerian resident in Port Harcourt? Do you Steem and see yourself as an Ambassador of this great community? Then this is your invitation to the Steemit Port Harcourt Meet-Up.

I will be hosting this meetup together with a notable radio show host and I am sure you won't want to miss out as there will be gift for the first 10 people to RSVP and also custom made Steemit T-Shirts will available.

The Port Harcourt meetup is an initiative inspired by #Minnowsupportproject where minnows are catered for. The MSP has played an important role in the lives of many Steemians myself inclusive and we will be teaching users how to fully capitalize on the rich resources of the platform.

Port Harcourt is the Garden and Oil Rich city in Nigeria and anything that has to do with Social Media always finds its bearing here that is why the first ever Meetup of Steemers will be holding in Port Harcourt this July and you won't want to miss as it is going to be fun and rewarding. There will be music, comedy and a roadshow that will put some jazz in the city.
This is going to be the huge and the first of its kind with an aim to bring together fellow Steemians of Nigerian Origin and share ideas while seeking ways to grow together.

Topics to be Discussed will include:
What is Steemit and how you can become better through it.
Steeming for Success
How to navigate the site as a Minnow
How to join and use the Minnowsupportproject
How to Steem
What are Minnows and Whales
How to be a Whale
What are witnesses
Brain Storming session.

...and of course there will be some booze and chews.

There will be the presence of industry super weight who will be imparting you with words and support needed to help you create a truly paying online career; (Online or Offline, it is going to be really rewarding).

The Steemit Port Harcourt Meetup coming up in July, are you Steemed yet? First Calling!

Make sure to type RSVP in the comment and also indicate your interest in getting the custom made Steemit T-Shirt.

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this is really great


Awesome. I am looking forward to Lagos Steemit Meetup

contact @oluwoleolaide on steemchat. He is hosting one on the 9th

Beautiful initiative. Really wish to be there, but distance is a barrier. Let's steem on

thanks mate. I am sure you can contribute by telling others through a kind resteem. We will surely show pictures of the event and i can mostly tell you won't be missing out.

Great work your doing for the Nigerian steemit community,well done and keep up the good work.
Look forward to hearing how your project is developing.

thanks for noticing and for the kind words. However reaching out to more Nigerians will be nice so whatever way you can lend that support will really be appreciated and such facilitators will take a bow with us

Great work and I can see much success for helping out so many.

oh wao my steemit friend, you dropped by? so glad you did and hope your support are in order? we are still looking to reach more people

I am in Lagos

no worries, you good thoughts is as good as been there

then that is good, you can attend the Lagos meetup on the 9th being hosted by @oluwoleolaide. check out his post for time an venue

We'll do a mash-up meetup someday bro, well done.....will try send a lil cash for support!

Great work hope it's next month so that I can attend have Alot to share and contribute. Would love to be there. Just keep us updated.

good to know. July is it and we hope to get more RSVPs

Great to hear about this!

thanks.., will you be attending?


Interested in the steem t-shirt.

And i reside in port harcourt.

I am anticipating updates from you in the future.

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oh great and welcome my brother. you are the first to RSVP so you get a special price. Next step, Resteem the post and inform other PH residents you know. The meetup is this July

great idea. RSVP

In get together we can rise many issues.....We can share our individual experiences and our views for the future projects.... Meetup is a best idea to get close on a platform and to discuss new projects and other issues and opportunities.... bring people get together is a very hard work but it has a lot of benefits for the technical and social development........

are you in PH? if you are rsvp and also let me know if you will be needin the customized t-shirt. Then, Upvote and Resteem to reach more people

Count me in. this is a lovely idea. @ Ejemai, Kudos.

Congratulations @ejemai!
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thanks @arcange I hope this really makes the steemit community great. All hands are on deck to deliver. Just voted for you as a witness. Cheers.
Please lend a hand, we need one more upvote and resteem https://steemit.com/minnowsupport/@ejemai/port-harcourt-steemit-meetup-calling-steemians-in-nigeria

will be there.this is really great.i am also a portharcourt resident.i really think this will be a success because a lot of Nigerians both young nd old are starting to understand ambrace cryptocurrency revolution but dont really understand how works because the level of awareness really low while those that knows about it usually equate it to ponzi schemes due to the rising numbers of ponzi scheme using bitcoin as a mode of payment.i think this meetup will go a long way to clear some myhth associated with cryptos in portharcourt.all we need is a lot of exposure through fb,twitter, word of mouth etc,.

I agree onyebuchi, and that is why this meetup is being organized. Hope to see you there and please look out for more info on this page

Very cool thing that you're doing for the community...please take a lot of pictures!

I am looking forward to your follow up posts!


will do mate, will do. please help spread the word with a resteem?

Of course...consider it done good sir.

Keep the great posts coming!


It's great to see Steemit spreading to various parts of Nigeria. We have the numbers to really make our presence felt here and I believe we're just starting to scratch the surface.

As someone that loves to travel, I'll probably soon start attending every Steemit meetup I see happening in naija.

Well done!

thank you fisteganos, all hands are on deck and hope you say a prayer for us too since you've already been through one

@ejemai got you a 0.82% @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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This is great @ejemai. I am in Nigeria too, and I like this initiative, quite unfortunately i won't be able to put up an appearance, I am in another part of the country. I will be looking forward to seeing pictures from the event. Keep us posted. Wishing you success in all your endeavor. Keep the flag flying.

Finally. I found nigeria steemit. Lets meetup. I found a telegram group. Do you have one already?

Where in naija are you

Just saw this, I live in PH

this is really good. can you send me your contact through discord or steemit chat so that we meet up? @ejemai

OK, I will