Tools I use every day - Check your voting power, statistics on Steem, etc...

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## Here are some tools and sites I use almost daily ##

See your awards here:

Project Designer: @arcange - Graphic Designer: @captaink

Your current voting power: by: @blueorgy

Steem Dollar Ticker & Conversion

Steemou can visit the maker here: @mauricemikkers

Check your pending payout:

Info abou an account:
just write your name after the link like:

Check your or others ranking

If you have some money you can use these services to make yourself visible

and you can ask @dang007

It offers you some votes if you register, but very slow, most uers has a voting power like0.1 cent, not worth it.

Enjoy, and let me know if I missed something


Wonder if there a benefits...used @booster for 18$ but got a bit less after boosting me and claiming 24+% upvote... I wonder how this stuffs works

You should send $1 at a time. When did you use it?

Didn't check the voting power...used for my latest post...check out the sleep deprivation post...
I read at minnows booster is better...
Can one use @booster multiple times daily? At small amounts...

I think you can, it's a bidding system, with small amounts maybe you will be outbid

ok will look into it

Thank you for such useful post i had already tried @mininowbooster @radonwhale. Steemviz is new to me

This really did help me exponentially... Thanks for sharing!

nice post . Thanks For Share.

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I will give an upvote if you send me 2 sbd..

How does it work

just upvoted you, thx for the support.. we minnows need to help each other..

I think it was not a good deal for me, but enjoy the 2 dollars...

I am sorry i was just posting it with a smile.. thought you send it to support me.. didnt you check my profile.. i am struggling hard to collect Some steem power.. wish i known the platform 1 year earlier..

No worries, I like music :)

How do u mean not a good deal

I gave an upvote. But unfortunately my steem power is low, so for 2 sbd you get an upvote like I described but you will not make any money..

ok...good reply
check my blog post on health...have some good stories too

Thx. You have a Good amount of upvotes. Good work i hope you would checkout my blog And resteem it.

YOu forgot to put my name on there under dicordia.

I wanted to keep it as a secret :)

I thought you are not ;)

This post is so useful.
Now i can know about my voting power.
thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, share if you like

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awsome just what a mininow for me needs

How does it work...seems all boosters doesn't give profit

nice tools, very useful :-) will resteem this post, tks for shraing with us

Thanks for posting this!

You are welcome

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