Yes it is just like posting on steemit, or steempeak or busy, it still runs on the steem blockchain but it displays the payout in palcoin and adds the palnet tag to your post so it is eligible for upvotes from PAL staked accounts :)

Sounds solid! Thank you I love staking so this project has a major part of my focus now.

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10% of the inflation of palnet is directed at miners. You can purchase miners on Symbols are PALM and PALMM. PALM is more expensive, more efficient, and has a limited supply.

"Mining rewards are once an hour. 10 separate distributions are made every hour to accounts that have staked PALM and/or PALMM"

When does this start? I bought a couple PALMM and am eager to see how much they will mine. Thanks!

They are paying out already so you should be staking.

Yes I am staked. I've gotten a couple payouts already now too, they're just random and not every hour. Thanks!

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Sweet congrats! Its crazy addicting to be able to earn this way lol have a blast

Yes it's really cool 😎 I'm curious to know how frequently you're seeing rewards, I'm guessing now that the hourly rewards go out "randomly" to simulate bitcoins proof of work algorithm. Maybe I missed something when reading about it haha

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