Minnow Support Project Witness and Moderator Forum goes live in 2 hours on MSP-Waves!

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As I mentioned yesterday and in the footer of many of the blogs I've written over the last month I'm getting some fo the folks that manage the Minnow Support Project together this fine Saturday afternoon to just talk about how we make decisions and what this group does. It's a way of staying open and transparent regarding how we operate.

It's hosted by me and @kubbyelizabeth and the panel is open to the many witnesses and moderators of the Minnow Support Project.


I'll start playing music at 10:30 AM.

Show starts at 11am (1600 UTC)

To join just hop into the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Discord Channel and there will be some people that can guide you.

audience participation

you guys are welcome to chat away with us. It all happens in Discord. If there are a few folks that really are dying to ask questions on air I imagine that could be worked out.

Only rules

Remember we follow community guidelines. in this case it basically means don't purposefully be an ass. other than that tough questions are welcome.

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Thanks for your valuable thought share really appreciate your content writing let's see what happened and what's going on!

I will also be streaming on Dlive! come join the fun folks!

Sounds great! Just heading to bed now, but I’ll look up what time that is down under and hopefully be tun

This is a nice chance to interact with aggroed and co.Hope to join you guys.

Trying to re-arrange the day to catch the show!

Very nice..
Thanks for sharing witness..

Really i appreciate it.

nice post...thanks for sharing..

I like with this project, make me incorporated paper, successful greetings

I better get my damn dog walked right suddenly if I want to be in for the start...

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Wow...i like your post..so nice...

Great project
i like this
thanks for sharing

SpiritualMax approaches stealthily and whispers to @aggroed

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