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I made a twitter account sometime early last year to see what all the hype was about. Much like Steemit, I gave up when I didnt quite understand it all.

And much like Steemit, I thought I'd give Twitter another crack!


My last tweet made, was the day I had my job interview for a receptionist/secretary position at a local law firm in Tauranga.

And I got the bloody job!! Been there almost a year and a half now and its awesome 🤓 🤘🏽 Not just @thereceptionist you know, I'm pretty ok at typing too haha

I see so many people on twitter and I see tweets and threads all over the internet (mainly the funny ones, I love those ones man) but I still dont understand the purpose.

Like Steemit - the purpose behind Steemit is to give writers the necessary platform to showcase their writing skills and get paid for the quality... or there abouts. Theres a social aspect to it as well and the content varies from informative articles to daily life updates. But its cool, you know I feel I have a place here in the community.

Twitter on the other hand, has me completely baffled. And I might sound like a total nutjob but like what kind of stuff do I write about, in 140 characters or less. Is this purely an advertising gig. Why does everyone understand it but me. I dont belong here.

I wanted to give it a decent crack because once I gave Steemit a real go, it was awesome!!

....Plus I kinda hate feeling left out. Shoot me. ☹️

If you have a twitter, comment your username below and I'll be sure to give you a follow!

And please feel free to check out my page here.

Steem on!!

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great tattoo on your nice lap;)
nice post...just sent a new post and seeing how
stemian react before i can post another...
success to us steemians


haha thanks @kenhudoy 😊 Will check your blog out!



Have fun on twitter! I never really liked it because I always felt lost on there. But who knows, maybe it turns out as good for you as steemit did :)


thanks @ggorwell 😁 I still feel very lost on there, dont get me wrong haha but heres me crossing my fingers and toes.