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RE: Four way stop Intersection - What to do?

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Thank you for this comment! I think this is the point. It is a nice PRACTICE article. And your formatting and all looks decent, but the information is just (if you'll forgive me) generic.

What I don't much care for is the gaman comment. Firstly, he didn't upvote your Post. So did he really think it was worth resteeming? Secondly, was this article worth resteeming? My answer is "NO" (though, it is a fine, and good actually, practice post). He is actually causing a type of spam by just resteeming posts as if that DOES something doesn't. This creates a tiny artifact on the Steemit blockchain, that, when combined with the 1000's of others doing such similar programs.... adds junk to the blockchain.

Thanks for coming by my Blog... more to follow over there..... :-)


I appreciate your comment and understand what you are trying to get across.
Being new we are all trying to figure out the best way to get exposure i guess and looking for those upvotes the easy way. I see so many services and I am not sure what is acceptable and what isn't.

I was thinking Gaman resteeming that he really is trying to help the minnow get out there, although you are right that it is quite a lot of resteems in my feed that i truly don't look at because it is a lot of nonsense (my post included)

The idea of Good quality only gets an upvote and/or resteem i am trying to follow myself. I am not overly critical though. If i see someone puts effort into their post, like you said earlier "not just throwing it together in 5 minutes" i'm willing to put my .0006 upvote to it if i can find some value in it.

I guess to sum it up, some of the posts we see that get 400-600$ and the post is not that great even. We kind of get dollar signs in the eyes and try to fast track how to get into that position.

Again @public-eye thanks for your comments, i am listening

Thank you for not taking offense at my comment. It certainly could have been taken that way.

Okay... let me try and make 5 points in as brief a reply as possible:

  • "we see posts getting $400-$600...not that great" - This is the 'human side' flaw of Steemit. Friends upvote friends. Investors (to the tune of $1000-1,000,000) upvote themselves or sell their votes. .... Steemit is not a utopia as we all wish it was.
  • my advice is don't join in the chaos and spam of these resteem services... maybe I should make a Post Surveying if they have ever helped anyone.. but I don't think they do.
  • to follow up the previous... what is acceptable? There is no 100% answer to this. Steemit is chaos / anarchy / unregulated platform. There are a few loosely enforced norms, but the rest of the common laws are just opinions of a group here or there. You need to start using your judgment of what is best for you...... though for some, that takes them down a scammy path.. please avoid that. You may get profits after some scamming and effort, but it is not a healthy path.
  • as for upvoting and supporting others.... what you said sounds like a good way to do it while your vote is small.... upvote those whom you can appreciate the effort they made. As you grow into a big fish or dolphin (upvote of $0.10 - $1.50) then I expect you will give out your 100% upvotes to just top quality posts and comments (after 500SP you get a vote % slider and can divvy up your votes).
  • Long Term... two methods will serve you best... make friends by commenting on established Steemians Posts (big fish to dolphins ....and only whales if they REALLY help you or make a HUGE difference in your skill and experience). And secondly, improve and perfect your Posts content and quality. While the second will never guarantee any big upvotes, it is almost the only way to ever get $10-$200 upvotes(from a single Steemian). You can get a random $1.00 upvote here or there.. but for big votes you as a newbie need to do quality. While you are relatively unknown... keep practicing and improving your post quality. Don't go 2 weeks without posting, but don't feel pressured that you have to post daily. Quality is really better than quantity. (Quantity may get you a regular steem snack... but you'll never get the penthouse meal this way!)

Ah!!! I went long..... sorry. Hope it made sense and is helpful! XD

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