Some basic rules in Growing your followers in Steemit ( Advise to new members)

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Steemit is a platform that has come to stay, many of us who understand the true value steemit brings to the growth and value of the future of social media will understand why we see steemit as a giant killer and a spoiler to government controlled, exploitative and huge players like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin et al. Little wonder they are fighting back with facebook leading the way by banning cryptocurrency adverts which includes any paid adverts related to steemit. But the good news is already, the news has spread and many folks from facebook like most of my former facebook buddies are already in steemit creating value for themselves and their families.

However, joining steemit and succeeding in steemit means working extra hard and the best way to start is getting noticed by steemians who will support your work with upvotes and comments. So, how do you get noticed withing few weeks of joining, well below are few points to note;

  • Daily steady engagements. Be ready to work hard. You have to be online for hours and keep reading and commenting intelligently on interesting topics. Best go for tags you are conversant with. If you a cryptomaniac, go to crypto related topics, if you a foodie guy, go to blogs related to foods/cousines/menus etc so you understand easily and comment intelligently. This way you get noticed, upvotes sometimes and followers.
  • Nice comments- Like I said earlier, good comments gets folks attention and apart from upvotes you may get, you get noticed and more followers. So remember, always be polite, ask questions if you do not understand and always follow up replies.

  • Make use of Bots- As a minnow, bots comes handy as many of us with little followers who usually gets zero $ upvotes from many folks must rely on bot to get some of our work noticed. More so, the fact is many minnows especially from 3rd world take steemit as full time job as there are no better alternative and using bot intelliigently is very helpful since almost all major players are hurding their upvotes for thelselves and contacts or selling them for profits. ( check out for details of all bots and how they upvote). Note, ensure you have good contents before you use most top bots to avoid flagging.

  • Great contents. Steemit is all about content. However, there are good, bad and ugly contents here in steemit. For those who will succeed here, ensure your contents are simple, understandable, interesting, not too long and original. If you must use someones else work as reference point, which is very ok, ensure you use block quotes to show its copied from somewhere and do proper citation of source including image sources. If you posting from busy, check out the ctrl+q option above. Hence avoid plagiarism, copy and paste and ensure your work stands out.

This is all for now and I hope this few points shall benefit someone. Ensure you follow some of these basic rules I outlined above which I learn't through experienced steemians like @kenhudoy. I shall update more helpful tips for Minnows as we move ahead based on my little experience. So do follow for more. Send in your comments to add more helpful tips for others to read up. Do resteem this to help others and please kindly support this minnow with an upvote.

Do also visit my blog to check out my funny memes. ;)

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Thanks for the tips! Very helpful!

good one as always etilda. keep sharing such good stuffs which will help new members. thanks for sharing. upped

Nice post but I completely disagree, bots are ruining this platform and should not be used. My dream is to see this platform free of bots and to limit accounts to one per user. By the way I grew my account without any bots

i also agree but the point i think made here is that bot helps those who may not get visibility from their bots. for creating value long term i do not support bot but for visibility, they are helpful. and remember, many folks are still here because of bots..while they help many to keep being visible, they are also causing harm to the platform as all major players are monetizing their votes now. nice comment though

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That's really nice of you @etilda
Always a pleasure reading your post :)

thanks @aniketmore1925
always my pleasure

Good work! Really helpful and a good reminder of the fact that hardwork will pay off one day!

sure and not only hardwork, being united as minnows for our benefits and the benefit of the steemit community in general

Nice as usual @etilda

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