🐟🐠 Free Steem Dollars + Followers Minnows Faucet Community Project ( August 8 )

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The #minnowsfaucet Community Grow Project

repeat the minimum actions to get rewarded :

1 follow my followers @nicnicy + leave a comment you followed all

2 upvote + resteem the post.


100% of SBD from this post will be distributed after 7 days equally to

the voters who followed directions .

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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All steps completed #minnowsfaucet

repeat the minimum actions to get rewarded
Some confuse where to follow
Go follow here @nicnicy my followers.

team members are active looking daily if there are any new members


resteemed, voted, all followed, commented, thanks!


This is true. I myself was rewarded. I will follow you


I have followed your followers upvoted and resteemed. Waiting to be followed back.


Followed all available followers, upvoted, and resteemed. Here's the comment.

updated my following list again, resteemed , voted....thank you again for reviewing my article on eat the weeds...just put up # 7 in the series. Some really cute handle names were added recently. Loved the post from @kayleigh-alesta on following directions. I have so enjoyed her comments.
Love and Peace-till tomorrow.


Thank You Melissa...very kind of you :) :)

Upvoted...followed everyone..commenting now and resteeming :) :) Go #minnowsfaucet

I did it

i do all that yoy need

followed @nicnicy
posted a comment


follow the followers of @nicnicy,
I do not care if You follow me,
think bigger and help grow a team #minnowsfaucet


done, but i can't follow myself ;)

All done nicnincy thanks

All done!

great project , i follow you

Done! Upvote, resteem and follow you :)


Upvoted and followed all users. Thanks for the motivation to follow more steemians :)


Yes I did exactly that!

Done! Upvoted, resteemed, followed 13 peoples :)

Sir, We are very grateful to this. You continue to have success in the same way.And keep voting @ahlawat

yo...upvoted, resteemed and followed....have a nice day!

all done :)

upvote + resteem the post.


All followed, upvoted,and resteemed

Follow your entire list of followers for a 2% share of $2? I'll pass. Not a completely terrible idea, but following an entire list of people is something I can't do.


I'm on a plan of following everyone I see who is active and I hope to find a good way to unfollow inactive people some day. You can see I have followed many in the short time I've been here.

But I agree that before I follow all these people I want to know they have posted in the last week or two at least. If this list is older than a few weeks, it will be 50% inactive for sure.

The small money is not the issue. The idea of a lot of dead followers more than I already have is not appealing. But also notice everyone's comments are being upvoted nicely on this post.

There are more posts for the minnowfaucet tag that are different than this one so I will keep reading. Always something to figure out at steemit :)


There is a site that will show you how many of your followers have gone inactive, but I cant think of the name at the moment. Good luck with your goal of following everyone 😃👍


It's a lofty height but I am up to the challenge!

I just found out about




I have not had a chance to look, but they might give the info to find out who is active. So much to learn here!


Here ya go.


I knew i had seen a tool for it


That is awesome. Thank you so much!

Done and did !

I followed,resteemed, upvoted

I followed voted and resteemed

Will do. Thank you and steem on!

you are expert , thanks for the project

Hi @nicnicy already following, upvoted, resteemed


Following upvoted and resteemed and I hope those I followed follow me back!

Cool, new follower here, nice post.

All done! @nicnicy


Welcome new members, I just followed about 30 new members in 24 hours! Love those new names like paprikachips. We are really growing. Remember everyone keep adding the new ones so they feel welcome! Today is the 9th! waiting for the new upvote post! Love and Peace,

Upvoted, updated new followers and resteemed. Have a good one #minnowsfaucet members!

Ok, I'm in and following.

Got lot of followings again today :-).
Hope they will more be active. gn man!

resteemed, voted, all followed, commented, thanks!

Thank you to #minnowfaucet and @nicnicy for helping me reach 250 followers! Thank you all steemians for the follow… You are the best!!!

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Following, resteemed, upvoted


Came back to follow anyone who joined after me ;-)


that is the spirit ! giving you an Xtra tip! for this


Hahaha thank you very much!


Followed everyone, upvoted, resteemed.

followed all, upvoted and resttemed :-)

Hey! Nice to see you followed up on Twitter:) Btw I have a

#gameoftrollschallenge , where I reward Steemians everyday;)



Sure You have the same attitude to help the minnows and entertain the crowd so they get to know each other
here is the link to your challenge :


very nice


Mahh man! ty :))

I try my best!


See you around, id followed up;)