Game of Upvotes e01s04. Money buys silence

in #minnows6 years ago (edited)

Did you notice that money buys vision on steemit and also buys silence.

Following this guy wisdom

bolt being whale downvote.

You better not get silenced.


  1. Please upvote and resteem this post. Leave a comment starting with !gameofupvotes and something funny afterwards. Memes welcome. Without resteem yol will get only half the reward.
  2. Top upvoter will receive my 100% [dolphin] vote on comment, his or her latest post and his or her latest comment to another post.
  3. 2 random upvoters will receive 100% votes to their recent posts.
    Also some upvotes to most valuable or funniest comments.
    Randomness. As we live in blockchain world to pick a random number I'll just open, check lates
  4. Game will end at Saturday 2018-01-27 evening.

Let the game begin.

Check how to make muck money on steemit. Half-joke half-serious.


Nice idea actually. You should continue this

!gameofupvotes I have upvoted you with my last 0.4 cents ;)


Thank you very much! This motivates to continue working on quality content and make Steemit the best social platform together

steemd down for maintenance so I have to use instead

His two random picks:

Random winners are
@davidallenjones (no resteem -> half the reward)

See you all in next episode!

I donno, What's funny? Debbie Wasserman's Face! : - O People still think fluoride is good for you? Trash cans full off depends diapers after the new years ball dropped. Yeah people were selling them there. tsalleigott frnow

Upvote me and follow me @arismo

I think it's funny,
That nobody
Wants your

And this is the best joke so far ))

thirst for gold

Лайки крутятся, мемасы мутятся, как говориться)

Так-то оно так.
Только посмотри -тся и -ться на грамоте.ру, хорошо?

Ок. Не вопрос. Стыдно признаться, но я дипломированный филолог) Спешка иногда подводит.

А я ведь так и подумал, что вы русский! Спрятались за своим английским, так и не узнать ( как и меня. Но меня даже по имени отличить нельзя, лол). Респект.

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