Announcing Minnow of the Month - A New Monthly Contest To Reward Promising New Users

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Hi Friends!

I am so excited to announce a new monthly contest on Steemit! Reflecting back on my early Steemit days, I realize how impactful it was to get noticed by @curie so early on. It made me realize that I want to do what I can to help encourage promising new users. It can be easy to get discouraged early on and wonder if anyone will even see or appreciate your content.

The Minnow of the Month

There are three main things that the person who is selected will receive.

#1 - More Exposure

I will conduct an interview with whoever is selected to post here on my page. I hope that will help that person to get noticed by others and maybe help them to discover new friends on the platform as well! I'll be interviewing them all about how they found the platform, what kind of content they want to make and what they are most excited about.

#2 - Up to One 100% Upvote from me Everyday that Month

One of the the most difficult things when someone is new is getting into the rhythm of posting here regularly. It can also be discouraging because it can be easy to wonder if anyone will even see or appreciate their work. This way, they will hopefully feel encouraged to post more consistently that month - and they will know that they are guaranteed to have someone read/watch/consume their content!

It also means they actually need to post to take full advantage of the rewards of this contest - which helps keep them engaged!

#3 - A Mentor To Help Answer Their Questions

Sometimes it can be intimidating to send someone a DM in discord or if you don't know them to ask questions. Of course, anyone can feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions -but I hope this really encourages them to reach out to me as often as they want to ask questions or get feedback.

October Minnow of the Month - @lifesacircus

I am so excited to kick this series off with an amazing new steemian I met in Toronto at the Steem Creators Conference - @lifesacircus. She is so full of energy and excitement for the platform and has some really great ideas for bringing cool content to the Steem blockchain. I couldn't think of a better person to start out the Minnow of the Month initiative!

We had a great interview together that I can't wait to share with you all. I'll be posting it on October 1st to officially kick off the month.

How will the Contest Work?

Every month - I will put out an announcement post on the 15th of the month, and people will have 1 week to apply. I'll disclose all the details of that on the 15th, but i'll basically just ask people to answer a few questions about why they want to be featured, what kind of content they are excited to make on the blockchain, and how the can positively impact the steemit community.

If you are fairly new and are interested in applying - please come check out my blog of October 15th to see the announcement post. If you know someone who might be a good minnow of the month - please be sure to mention this to them as well!

How Cool Will it be to Look Back on These Interviews?

I'm personally super excited to check back in with people a few months down the road to see how they are doing. If any of these people end up being long time steemians- I think it will be awesome to look back on these interviews and see them in their early Steem days. Think of any of your favorite steemians and think how fun it would be to see what they were like when they first joined the platform!

Want to Support This Contest?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is to stop by and give some love to whoever the Minnow of the Month is! Stop by their page to encourage them with comments or votes on their content.

Here is a YouTube link for anyone who needs it.

I am so excited to start this contest/interview series and I hope it helps some awesome newer users to feel even more engaged and excited about this place.

Xo, Lea


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Hello, beautiful coruscate

The vote of dtube is too much little. Do know when it will be normalize??

Maybe tomorrow?

Congratulations for the minnow of the month

thank you and have a good night


Hi @julisavio! Since hard fork 20, they have needed to let their vote power rebuild as well. It looks like most people's votes are pretty much back to normal - include Dtube's. It does seem like content creation on the platform is still a little slow - but I think everything should feel totally back to normal soon.


thank you, coruscate

This contest is a really nice initiative for the Steemit community, keep up the great work @coruscate!


aww thanks for stopping by and leaving a word of encouragement @future24!! :)

Remember, if sober!
The fifteenth of October
Coruscate's seizing the plot;
I know of no reason
Why Coruscate season
Should ever be forgot!
Lea and her companions
Do a scheme contrive,
To blow up Steemians
And spur Steemit alive!
Remember, be sober!
On the fifteenth of October
Coruscate's seizing the plot!

(an old English folk verse, famously quoted in the movie "V for Vendetta," adapted).


haha OMG this made my day!!! Remember if sober the fifteenth of October!!

This is sooooo good!


YES!!! Can’t beat that level of excitement! 😃

very cool initiative and a fantastic first featured member.

her energy was at level 100 at steemcreators. awesome have people like her on the blockchain :)

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Couldn't agree more!! <3

Thanks for stopping by and giving her some love!

You are one of a kind :). Great initiative


aww thanks Kevin!! <3

This is a good idea! I hope philippines steemian will be discover.

Of course us plankton have nothing to strive
Nice tan @coruscate

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haha thanks! I feel super pale now that it is cold and rainy where I live - but I guess that tan line is my last momento of summer! ;)


Well we all can't live in sunny, hot still, humid -uggh Florida.
Or the entire state could snap off and become an island all alone.

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Thanks for this opportunity to help new users like use who got discouraged on the way

Great initiative @coruscate, hopefully I can make the next round in October.



Awesome @donald.porter!! Keep an eye out for the contest rules that I will post on October 15th.

This is a great idea, really helps those of us starting out. Thank you!

Awesome initiative, we need more people like you in this space :)


aww thanks for the kind words @bengiles!

This is a wonderful initiative @coruscate. I look forward to watching the interview.


aww thanks @cheekah!! It was a fun interview. :)

Hello, good night girl, I have 5 months to be exact and I still have a lot to learn. But I can participate in one of your contests. ?

Congratulations @lifesacircus!!

You had picked the right girl! She is quite talented! She has much more to offer.. im glad to are on the hot seat honey.. goooooo shine brightly! 😙

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