Minnow Builder 4 Closing Down


Sadly due to the way newsteem has gone I can't see continuing MinnowBuilder4 account. Add in my time constraints and need to focus on my business it's just time to shut the doors.

We have done 2 weeks of powering down already and there was some liquid steem. So the first distribution will be larger then coming ones. Each week the total Liquid steem after the power down will be divided out based on your percentage of ownership. There will not be any management fee taken from these distributions as we are closing this account down by our choice.

There will be a post each week showing the breakdown of what the distribution will be and serve as a record of this process. Distribution will happen shortly after this post.


Current Shareholders tagged to made sure they see this:
@thedarkhorse, @andrewharland, @trincowski, @dosdudes, @contestkings, @stever82, @glastar, @dkkarolien, @fitinfunfood


All distribution payments have been made.

Hmmmm. I don't think the "NewSteem" guys would bother with such small upvotes... 🙄

Maybe, maybe not. But just not worth worrying about it for a fraction of a penny vote either. This idea I thought would gain traction, but sadly it didn't. Not closing the first 3 accounts currently, just 4 & 5 which had very few people as shareholders.

thanks for your hard work!

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