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in minnowbuilder •  5 months ago

To keep the growth of this account going and since there is extra VP even with giving double the vote each person should be getting. The level of posting is way down currently and allowing for extra self voting within the network of Minnow Builder accounts.

While this is helping all of the accounts grow it does require some added posting like these account builder posts.

Currently we are having a share sale in @minnowbuilder2. This account is also currently giving a vote at double the rate so is highly profitable for anyone that is part of it. This account is also growing nicely and the ROI has been really good since the start of the account.


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I think everyone is a bit afraid of investing more, at the moment. We are a bit uncertain about the future of this network and its creators are not exactly being transparent about their holdings.


It does make it a little harder to get excited about things, but knowing some of the projects people are working on I'm Bullish on Steem.