Minnow Builder Success: @kerrislravenhill has become a Minnow!

We love seeing the success of those who we are supporting and today we are happy to announce @kerrislravenhill has become a Minnow!


The last post which was supported by @minnowbuilder2 was Pirate Queen Ching Shih and the Raven’s Skull: Part Nine.

That post has 6 days left before payout so I'd like to ask everyone to give @kerrislravenhill a little boost on this post as a little farewell gift. I personally just gave a 100% upvote as a thanks for continuing to power up her earnings and writing Quality original content.

This means there currently is a slot we need to fill in @minnowbuilder2 if you know of a plankton who is powering up their earnings and writing quality original content please let us know.


Love success stories. Thanks for sharing. Let us know who fills the spot.

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