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Since they charge a 10% withdrawal fee, why are they not also charging a 10% purchase fee, since the work of registering or de-registering takes more-or-less the same time?

Plus, if you, the investor, make a mistake (plagiarised without quoting source, for example) and get flagged, you lose your investment? That, in my book is called stealing. Two wrongs do not make a right.

I think I'll skip this one.

That kid looking into my eyes, I can just see the thought flashing through his mind, "yeah, right, I just knew you would say that!" He obviously thinks either he or I, is funny!


We didnt charge a regestration fee due to not wanting to deter people. Plus with every share a 10% managment share is created. These are being used to further develope the program.
As for loosing your investment, if you read the rules you don't loose it. You are removed from the program with a 10%managment fee.

The 10% removal fee is due to us having to manage the incomming steem and paying this for the outgoing share or potential power downs. We may even have to put up the steem from our own accounts then reimburse when we have re-sold that share.

This program is being run with complete transparency. If there are any issue or questions please ask away.


The post on their site itself says the opposite. Here is an image with their rules. No2 specifically says:

that such shareholders will
....forfeit all shares and any claim to said shares will convert to benefit.....

So, if I invest Steem $500 or Steem 50,000 and because I used info from another site (as an example, which specifically gives permission for all their articles to be shared on other platforms), they can claim I am plagiarising and steal my investment.

Even if I am outright plagiarising, all you should have the right to do is send back to me the value of my shares plus any unpaid earnings. Otherwise, as I remarked, they are claiming that two wrongs make a right. What they want to do would be considered illegal in any country (that I know of).

Just imagine if your bank said, you break any law, all your money on deposit in your account will be confiscated by us....I'm guessing you would rush to take out to the last cent, your money, just in case you get accused by someone....out of spite or because they were paid by the bank, so that they can take all your money.

Now you will counter? I'm interested to see whether you can prove me wrong. I hope you can.


I think the main case here is who pays the original content curator.
They plagerise content that gets flagged. They review it manually and are given a full warning. You know if what you post is about to break that rule because you have just been warned. The best thing to do is withdraw the shares at that point and not continue breaking that rule.
If you get caught by the police and are cautioned, then go out and do it again you desurve to be penalised.
If the police said don't do it again or we will fine/arrest/imprison you and you still do it them more fall you.
The rule says they get warned and given a second chance. You could then argue against that warning. For example its your content from another site. This will get manually reviewed and then a decition made.

Its one thing to say i don't like that rule and another saying that its theft. The steem would also be sent out of the prgram to help stop plagiarism.


Ethically it still is not right. The police cannot say (not in my country, but maybe in the USA?) that because you stole, we are going to take all your assets. Police only should have the right to confiscate stolen property.

Anyway, you are not the police and...I have seen many posters here who have been flagged because they used material from another site belonging to them. Even when they state, hey, this is my work and my site, the flags do not get reversed - I recently got into a fight with a group who post messages saying that this poster (even if he only made a comment on my post) is in our black list. I demanded they delete their comment, or at least the picture they included in their comment, which showed a kitten on a red hot stove and it said, If you do not stop, we will burn the kitten. Although it was offensive and i asked them at least 3 times to remove the photo, they would not even acknowledge my demands. Of course, they have a huge SP blance, so I cannot fight them - plus one of them, at least, is a witness.

This might explain for you why I dislike all these groups who think they have some god-given right to take and do whatever they want in the name of them protecting Steemit. They are not protecting Steemit, they are just thugs who use the power of their rep and SP to brow-beat anyone who naysays them.

On another ocecasion, when they fealsely accused a poster and I checked his web site and I informed them, they actually did tell me I am stupid and they flagged me, so I decided, if they take me to zero, I will fight back and took one of them down in their rep.

As you see, I feel strongly about your rule and I will warn all my friends not to invest. If I buy shares in a company, and the company then says, because we do not like how you behaved, it was dishonest, or because you purchased a product from a competitor, we are taking back your shares and allocating them to some needy cause - my answer is, good luck to the needy cause, but they would still be stealing my shares that I paid for. The shares are mine - at least until I am refunded.

A pity this is happening, I had not realised at the beginning that this is your project, I thought you were just recommending it, so I upvoted you a number of times...because I liked those posts.

I will keep away from now, as we obviously do not see eye-to-eye and your ethics/morals are different form mine and I'll only keep upsetting myself.

Otherwise, apart from when you do use rule #2, I wish you good luck.


Ok. Thats fair enough. I am sure rule two will never be used as this is a community project. The most likely outcome would be they get the steem back. We are out to help new curators not cause issues.