OK, all investors, officers and nco's PAID, new records for Both Bots!

in minnowbootcamp •  6 months ago

@minnowbootcamp and @mbc-meps both had an awesome 2 weeks!

Even with the prices of SBD (😮) and Steem going down, the "on-board" earnings are UP. Nearly DOUBLE, and I even noted a loss of minnow vote income, one of my NCO's told me one of the autovoters are not working properly. But all the outgoing votes are, I need to track it down. So anyway, here are some figures:

mbc-meps paid: 4-29-18; 0.068 SBD/Share......5-29-18; 0.195 SBD/Share; Close to a 3x increase in a month!

minnowbootcamp paid: 4-29-18; 0.214 SBD/Share...5-29-18; 0.405 SBD/Share; Close to DOUBLE in a month!

We are needing more new investors, and I foresee the bot income going up even more, as we are gaining new members who upvote the bots, and I am working up more regular posting for the bots, which will increase the dividends as well. But these things MUST both go up together! I need more SP DELI to feed the minnows, and in turn, more minnows means more feedback voting, plus more posting = more bot income. I have been returning the bot share of the earnings back into promo with bid bots, which also boosts earnings. It is growing Steadily, and Predictably! Despite the Price Drops...

Thanks for your time, my discord link is below if anyone is interested in DELI for the Boot Camp!


Join the new @MBC-MEPS bot at Discord!



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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

thank you @underground
@mbc-meps is really helpful for noob like me


That is how it is designed ;)
Where is your girlfriend, JohnTor?

😁 😂 🤣


she is sleeping maybe , wkkwkwkwk

great going! climbing, working ... making it happen!! cheers